Recreational Water Facility Operators

Public health inspectors monitor public pools, public spas, public splash pads and public wading pools. If you own or operate one of these facilities, these resources are for you.

Public pools and spas

We inspect public pools and spas every three months if open year-round, or at least twice a year if the facility operates seasonally.

We provide owners and operators with the information and guidance needed to meet legislative requirements. It is your responsibility to make sure the water at your facility is continuously disinfected and maintained. This helps to ensure the health and safety of bathers.

The following resources are for recreational water operators:

Splash pads and wading pools

We inspect splash pads and wading pools every three months, or at least twice a year. Splash pad and wading pool operators must follow guidelines for water treatment and safety.

The following resources are for splash pad and wading pool operators:

Public beaches

Natural bodies of water, such as beaches, are great to play, swim, and cool off on a hot sunny day. Since it is a natural body of water, the conditions and quality of the water can change quickly due to rain, wind, waves and waterfowl. These factors can change the level of bacteria in the water to the point where it can make you sick. Visit our page on Beaches for information on what to look for before entering a natural body of water. 

Backyard Pools and Spas

Thinking about renting your backyard pool/spa? Or using it for business/commercial purposes? Please see Short-Term Residential Swimming Pool Rentals by Private Homeowners guidance form available on the Ontario Ministry of Health website.

There can be significant liability and regulatory implications once your private backyard pool/spa is used beyond private usage and used for business/public purposes. Public pools/spas must comply with all applicable legislation such as but not limited to: public health regulations, local zoning and building code requirements. Please contact your home insurance provider, local municipality and WDG Public Health for more information.