For Child Care Providers

Public Health helps child care providers provide safe, healthy environments for kids. If you have a licensed child care centre, we’ll work with you to meet the health and safety licensing required by the Ministry.

Diseases of Public Health Significance
We recommend infection control measures; issue advisories to parents and staff; provide information on diseases; and provide guidelines on how long children should be kept home.

Immunization requirements for children
Licensed child care centres must ensure all children in attendance are fully immunized or have a valid Ministry of Education exemption form on file.

Enrollment list submissions
Licensed child care centres must submit a current enrollment list once a year, in April, or as requested by Public Health.

Immunization requirements for child care workers
Required and recommended immunizations for staff, including women of childbearing age.

Childhood Illness Reference Guide for Schools
Common infectious diseases in school settings; exclusion criteria.

Reporting and managing outbreaks
How to recognize, report and manage an outbreak.

Child Care Resources
Fact sheets, signs and templates to support safe and healthy operations in Child Care settings.

Menu review
Submit your menu for review by a registered dietitian at any time of the year.