Clinics & Classes

Due to COVID response, appointments are suspended until further notice. Please contact your primary care provider or make an appointment at a walk-in clinic if possible. Check back later for updates on when these services will resume.

For more information on any of the classes or clinics listed below, or if you have a concern about access to our services, please let us know. Call 1-800-265-7293 or email us for any additional information.

To find out when each of our classes or clinics will take place,

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Vaccination, travel and sexual health clinics

Routine immunizations (vaccines), travel vaccines and advice, birth control, pregnancy tests, morning-after pill, STI testing and more. Make an appointment at one of our locations across Wellington County, Dufferin County and Guelph.

School clinics

Vaccines offered to elementary and high school students on specific dates throughout the year.

Dental clinics

For children ages 17 and younger whose parents can’t afford dental care. Make an appointment at one of our locations across Wellington County, Dufferin County and Guelph.

Breastfeeding clinics

Public health nurses answer your breastfeeding questions, help you get started, and support you through challenges.

Flu clinics

Drop-in clinics held during the fall and winter.


Cleaned, Wrapped and Loaded: A Review of Equipment Reprocessing

A workshop to review best practices for proper medical/dental equipment reprocessing.

Food Safety Training & Certification

Become a safe food handler by attending a course in Guelph, Fergus or Orangeville.

Online Prenatal and New Parent Program

Prepare for baby by taking our prenatal and new parent class online from anywhere.

Pregnancy to Parenting

A free daytime program in Guelph for pregnant women and teens who are facing challenging situations.

Feelings After Birth

A peer support group to help you adjust to life with a new baby. Register to attend in Guelph, Orangeville or Shelburne.

Come Understand Parenting (CUP)

An Orangeville program for parents-to-be and new parents under the age of 25.

Wee Talk Speech & Language

Visit the Wee Talk website to find out about our free speech and language service for preschoolers.

Group Travel Presentations

Includes a video that details preventative measures to maximize safety during your travels, followed by a presentation highlighting diseases relevant to your travel destination(s). Following the presentation the nurse will make vaccine recommendations and provide prescriptions to optimize protection while you’re away. Available off-site for groups of 10 or more people. Register online for a group presentation (you ‘ll need to create/sign into an existing account to book).