Parenting from Newborn to Age 5

Parents and caregivers play an important and unique role in the lives of their children. Parenting has a deep impact on the health and well-being of children in our community.

Our role is to build on the capacity of individuals and communities to support positive parenting. We offer programs and supports for local parents and caregivers. See the list of programs below or find out what’s available based on your child’s age:

| Newborn | 1-3 months | 4-6 months | 7-9 months | 10-12 months | 13-18 months | 19-24 months | ages 2-3 | ages 3-4 | ages 4-5 |

Let’s Talk Parenting

  • Speak to a public health nurse about pregnancy, breastfeeding, parenting or child health. Our pregnancy and parent help telephone line
  • Sign up for our e-newsletter full of reliable, local parenting and pregnancy information to help you and your family stay well. 
  • Or, connect with us on Twitter or Facebook. We can answer your questions and connect you with other supports in the community.

Online Prenatal and New Parent Program

Finding trustworthy information on the internet can take time—time a new parent doesn’t have! Our FREE web-based prenatal and new parent program is loaded with information about pregnancy, birth, caring for a newborn and breastfeeding—information you can trust without the detective work. Information in the program will be most helpful during pregnancy and the first 8 weeks after birth. Register here.

Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC)

Update as of December 4, 2020: HBHC services have been reduced due to COVID-19. HBHC has a large number of clients who have been waiting for services and, going forward, we will be contacting as many clients as possible to schedule virtual or phone visits. There may be significant delays and/or sudden suspensions in service due to COVID-19 response, and we appreciate your patience as you wait to hear from us. To receive or refer to our program, please call Here 4 Kids at 1-844-454-3711.

HBHC is a parenting support program for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Parents with young children (who aren’t in school yet)

We can work with you on:

  • Healthy pregnancy and getting ready for the baby
  • Practicing new parenting ideas
  • What to expect as your child grows
  • Easier mealtimes and bedtimes
  • Coping with life stress, like money and housing

We can also link you with other services in your community.

It’s free! To find out more, call Here 4 Kids at 1-844-454-3711.

Come Understand Parenting (CUP)

CUP is a parenting program for parents-to-be and parents under age 25 in Orangeville.

Feelings After Birth

Sometimes adjusting to a new baby can be hard. Our Feelings After Birth postpartum peer groups are here to offer support and resources to help you get through it. This is an ongoing program, open to all moms needing additional support in the first two years after the birth or adoption of a child.

Growing Great Generations

Here4Kids supports children with developmental delays up to age 6 in Guelph, Wellington County and Dufferin County.

We believe you should only have to go through one process to get the right supports and services at the right time. For more information about Growing Great Generations and the System of Care please visit the Growing Great Generations website.

Wee Talk Preschool Speech & Language Services System

Wee Talk provides free assessment, support and treatment for children from birth to school age. Learn more about Wee Talk.