Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC) Program

Healthy babies Healthy Children (HBHC) is a parenting support program that provides home visits to pregnant individuals and parents/caregivers with young children. HBHC is a province-wide program and delivered on a local level through public health units. The program is free and voluntary.

Services provided 

Those eligible for the program will receive home visits from a Public Health Nurse (PHN) and a Family Home Visitor (FHV) that could focus on: 

  • Having a healthy pregnancy and birth 
  • Connecting with your baby 
  • How you can help your child grow and develop 
  • Support with infant feeding, healthy nutrition and food security
  • Taking care of yourself and your family 
  • Services available for you and your child in your community 


Pregnant individuals and parents/caregivers of young children (who have not yet started school) may be eligible for the HBHC home visiting program. Eligibility to the program is based on a needs assessment completed by a Public Health Nurse. Some examples of eligibility can include:

  • Have questions or concerns about parenting, their child’s growth and development, and building a healthy relationship with their child.
  • Physical or mental health challenges that impact pregnancy or parenting.
  • Facing challenging life situations such as being underhoused, relationship difficulties, or financial hardship.
  • Feeling alone with limited support from family or friends.
  • A newcomer to Canada.

Referrals to HBHC 

There are three ways in which you can be referred to the HBHC program: 

  • A postpartum screen after giving birth.
  • A community referral from a healthcare provider or agency. 
  • A self-referral by calling WDG Public Health’s Client and Community Support at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 7006. 

Additional information 

If you are interested in learning more, call Client and Community Support at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 7006 or email

For referrals from other Public Health Units, fax a completed HBHC screen to 1-844-202-7747.