For Schools

Public Health supports schools to improve the health and well-being of students and staff, both in the classroom and within the school community.

Curriculum resources
Information about the health and physical activity (H&PE) curriculum topics and resources.

Become a Healthy School 
A Healthy Schools approach follows a four-step process and uses the Ministry of Education’s Foundations for a Healthy School framework. 

Immunization for school attendance
Public Health needs an up-to-date vaccination record or a legal exemption form on file for each child attending school. 

School immunization clinics
Our public health nurses visit schools to offer vaccinations.

Immunization for school staff
What vaccines to get and when to get them.

Report school absenteeism
Online form to record your student and staff absenteeism.

Childhood Illnesses Reference Guide for Schools
Common infectious diseases in school settings; exclusion criteria.

Reportable diseases
Our role includes investigating reports and managing diseases, offering immunization and recommendations on preventative medication for case contacts and providing guidelines for how long sick students and staff should be kept home from school or work. 

Report tobacco use on school property
Online forms to report selling or supplying tobacco to a person under 19 years old; holding or smoking tobacco on school property.

Oral health screenings
Information about school screenings and fluoride varnish programs.

Request food safety training
Information for schools involved in the preparation, storage and service of food, including breakfast programs, hospitality, fundraisers, catered meals and barbeques.