Oral Health Screenings

Our registered dental hygienists visit elementary schools and provide a quick check of students’ teeth. They let parents/guardians know if they see any problems, such as large cavities, in the child’s mouth. These screenings do not replace an exam by a dentist.

Do you know a child who may need help with dental care? For more information about our dental programs see our Dental and Oral Health page or call our Dental Line at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 2661.

Pre-Screening Letters

School administrators must notify parents about the upcoming dental screening to allow them the opportunity to opt-out or opt-in of screening. The letters below must be sent home to all children in all grades. School administrators are asked to send the letters home at the start of the school year in paper or electronic format. Please do not modify or alter these letters.

Pre-Screening Letters for the following schools only:

Brant Public School  St. Francis Catholic School 
Gateway Public School  St. Joseph Catholic School (Guelph) 
Jean Little Public School  St. Peter’s Catholic School (Guelph) 
Mitchell Woods Public School  Westwood Public School 
Paisley Road Public School  William C. Winegard Public School 
Parkinson Centennial Public School  Willow Road Public School 

Pre-Screening Letters for All Other Schools.

We ask school administrators complete the survey form after pre-screening letters have been distributed to parents. The survey link we added soon.

Post-Screening Notification Letters


Fluoride varnish

We provide free fluoride varnish applications at select schools. Fluoride varnish is a protective coating that helps to make teeth strong and prevent cavities.

Parents of children at these schools can register to take part in this free program by completing the Fluoride Varnish Medical History and Consent form online.