Friday, January 11, 2019 - Board of Health Meeting Agenda

GUELPH Office – Trillium Room

Friday, January 11, 2019 at 1:00 p.m.


Vision: Everyone has the opportunity for health and well-being.

Mission: Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health uses an innovative approach to deliver evidence-informed programs and services to meet the distinctive needs of our communities.

Strategic Directions

Health Equity: We will provide programs and services that integrate health equity principles to reduce or eliminate health differences between population groups.

Organizational Capacity: We will improve our capacity to effectively deliver public health programs and services.

Service-Centred Approach: We are committed to providing excellent service to anyone interacting with Public Health.

Building Healthy Communities: We will work with communities to support the health and well-being of everyone.

Item Presenter

1. Call to Order

  • Status of BOH Vacancies.
Dr. Mercer
2. Disclosure(s) of Pecuniary Interest Dr. Mercer
3. 2019 Inaugural Meeting: Dr. Mercer
  • Elect Chair
  • Elect Vice-Chair (2019 Chair)
  • Elect Secretary-Treasurer
  • Establish Membership for Standing Committees:
    • Chair(s) of Committee(s).
  • Dates and Times for Regular Meetings
  • Board Remuneration
  • Appoint Auditors
(2019 Chair)
4. Approval of Minutes from November 7, 2018 Board Meeting:
  • Meeting of December 5, 2018 was cancelled.
5. MOH Update(s) Dr. Mercer

6. Presentation(s)

Dr. Tenenbaum

7. Business Arising

  • None.

8. Consent Agenda


9. BOH Reports

NOTE: Please see Closed Session BOH Report BH.01.JAN1119.R03, below, under #12 – Closed Session

C. Beveridge

Dr. Tenenbaum

10. Committee (Verbal) Report(s)

  • Audit Committee Report from Chair – NONE
  • Human Resources Committee Report from Chair – NONE
  • Finance + Facilities Committee Report from Chair – NOV 9/18:
    • DEFERRAL of Finance + Facilities Committee Reports: BH.04.NOV0918.R17, BH.04.NOV0918.R18, BH.04.NOV0918.R19 + BH.04.NOV0918.R20 to BOH Meeting of Feb 6/19; and
    • BH.04.NOV0918.R21 – 2019 Draft Budget

NOTE: BOH Financial Orientation/Preliminary Presentation of the 2019 Draft Budget to be presented in conjunction with BH.04.NOV0918.R21 - 2019 Draft Budget

  • Executive Committee Report from Chair – NOV 28/18: G. Bridge
    • Office Hours – Christmas Closure.

D. Kingma


G. Bridge

11. Correspondence


12. Closed Session

  • To approve the November 7, 2018 Closed Session BOH Minutes.
  • Closed Session BOH Report BH.01.JAN1119.R03 – Third Floor Renovation in Orangeville Office [property matters including security of property and/or a proposed or pending acquisition of land by the Board]
  • MOH Performance Process Review [personal matters about an identifiable individual including BOH employees] – WDGPH Staff to be excused.


Dr. Mercer/D. Kingma

G. Gardhouse

13. Adjournment

  • Next Meeting is February 6, 2019