Board of Health Agenda for March 4, 2020

GUELPH Office – Trillium Room

Wednesday March 4, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

Vision: Everyone has the opportunity for health and well-being.

Mission: Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health uses an innovative approach to deliver evidence-informed programs and services to meet
the distinctive needs of our communities.

Agenda items and presenters
Item Presenter
1. Call to Order Dr. Mercer
2. Disclosure(s) of Pecuniary Interest Dr. Mercer     
3. Approval of Minutes from February 5, 2020 Board Meeting (Chair)
4. MOH Update(s)

Dr. Mercer

5. Presentation(s)

  • COVID-19 Update
Dr. Matthew Tenenbaum

6. Business Arising


7. Consent Agenda  
8. BOH Reports

*Please see Closed Session BOH Report BH.01.MAR0420.R04 – A Digitally Fueled WDGPH below @ #11 – Closed Session* 

K. Wilson

9. Committee (Verbal) Report(s)
  • Executive Committee Report from Chair – NONE
  • Human Resources Committee Report from Chair – NONE
  • Finance + Audit Committee Report from Chair – MAR 4/20:

KPMG Audit Planning Report (2019) for WDGPH;
Terms of Reference;
BH.04.MAR0420.R01 – 2019 Fourth Quarter Financials;
BH.04.MAR0420.R02 – Reserves and Reserve Funds Status as at Dec 31/19; and
BH.04.MAR0420.R03 – 2020 Annual Service Plan & Budget Submission.

10. Correspondence  

11. Closed Session

  • To approve the February 5, 2020 Closed Session BOH Minutes.
  • Closed Session BOH Report BH.01.MAR0420.R04 – A Digitally Fueled WDGPH [property matters including security of property and/or a proposed or pending acquisition of land by the Board].
  • Finance + Audit Committee Report from Chair: - MAR 4/20:

► Closed Session Finance + Audit Committee Report BH.04.MAR0420.R04 – 2020
One-Time Grants [a position, plan, procedure, criteria or instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by or on behalf of the municipality of local board].

  • MOH Update(s) [personal matters about an identifiable individual, including BOH employees].


K. Wilson

C. White

Dr. Mercer

12. Adjournment

  • Next Meeting is April 1, 2020.