Board of Health Agenda for September 6, 2023

This meeting will be held at the Guelph office (160 Chancellors Way, Guelph ON N1G 0E1) and via Zoom. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2023 at 2:00 p.m.

Mission: Improve and sustain the health of the communities we serve.

2023 Strategic Directions

People and Culture: WDGPH has a culture of engagement, inclusion, and agility.
Partner Relations: WDGPH strategically collaborates with partners to address priority health issues in the community.
Health System Change: WDGPH is positioned to be an agent of change within the broader health sector.


Agenda items and presenters
Item Presenter

1. Call to Order

  • Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge that the work of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health operates on the traditional lands and home of the Hodinöhsö:ni’, Anishinaabek, Tionontati, and Attawandaron people and is steeped in the tradition of many First Nations, Inuit, and Metis people.
As an Agency, we encourage our staff, partners, and clients to support the work of reconciliation and promote healing with our indigenous neighbours.
We are also committed to reducing social inequities and will strive to make our services culturally appropriate and safe for all Indigenous people, their families, and their community.


Dr. Mercer

2. Disclosure(s) of Pecuniary Interest Chair
3. Approval of Minutes of June 7 2023 Board of Health Meeting


4. MOH Update(s)

Dr. Mercer

5. Presentation(s)

  • 2023 Poverty and Health Report



K. Wilson


6. Consent Agenda

  • BH.01.SEP0623.C12
    • Health Protection Second Quarter Summary (January 2023 – June 2023)

C. Beveridge

7. Board of Health (BOH) Reports




K. Wilson


K. Wilson


R. Isley


K. Wilson


K. Wilson



8. Committee (Verbal) Report(s):

  • Executive Committee (Verbal) Report from Chair – JUN 27, 2023
    • BH.05.JUN2723.R04
      See Closed Session at #10 below.
  • Finance + Audit Committee (Verbal) Report from Chair – NONE
  • Human Resources Committee (Verbal) Report from Chair – NONE





9. Correspondence


This Board of Health meeting contains a “Closed Session” section which falls under the exemptions pursuant to Section 239 of the Municipal Act. Please note that this session is not open to members of the public or the press.  
  • To receive BH.05.JUN2723.R04 - Labour Relations Report (2023) [labour relations or employee negotiations]
  • To receive MOH Updates [labour relations or employee negotiations]

11. Adjournment

  • Next Meeting is November 1, 2023