Reports & Statistics

Statistics and reports are important tools that help Public Health and our partners make evidence-based decisions. We believe that programs and services informed by evidence are the foundation for effective public health practice. This section includes reports related to the health of local residents as well as public health programming and organizational priorities.

We recommend using our Interactive Reports for dynamic data visualizations that illustrate the issues that impact the health of local residents.

Community Reports

Community reports provide an overview of the previous year’s work and achievements, as well as an overview of our budget and funding.

Financial Statement

Below you’ll find independent audits of financial statements associated with Public Health.

Health Report

Reports on health topics that are of priority at the local level. Some of our latest reports address quitting smoking, alcohol use, built environments and information-seeking during pregnancy.

Health Status Report

Health status reports that provide an overview of the population we serve. Health status reports are used for planning and monitoring within the community.

Client Service Reports

Public Health is in the process of developing a comprehensive Client Service Strategy. In order to inform this strategy, we sought to:

  • Better understand what clients experienced when accessing our services
  • Understand employee perspectives on the quality of service provided to clients

The results of the surveys are intended to act as a baseline measure of client service and identify areas for future improvement. Each survey assessed five areas of client service: accessibility, communication, professionalism, satisfaction and public relations.