Management Team

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Senior Management



Dr. N. J. Mercer

Medical Officer of Health, CEO


Dr. Matthew Tenenbaum

Associate Medical Officer of Health

Guelph Office               


David Kingma

Director, Administrative Services

Chief Administrative Officer 

Guelph Office


Dr. Kyle Wilson

Director, Information Systems

Chief Privacy Officer

Guelph Office


Rita Isley

Director, Community Health

Chief Nursing Officer

Guelph Office


Christopher Beveridge

Director, Health Protection

Guelph Office


Program Managers

Community Health


Program Areas

Janet Kwansah

Manager, Dental

  • Oral Health Assessment & Surveillance

  • Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program

  • Healthy Smiles Ontario

Camille Loucks 

Manager, Clinical Services

  • Sexual Health

    • Diagnosis and Treatment

    • Case Management

    • Education

  • Reproductive Health

  • Tuberculosis Prevention and Management

  • Harm Reduction Program and Naloxone

    • Education

    • Supply Distribution

Mary Anne Kozdras

Manager, HBHC

  • Healthy Babies, Healthy Children

    • Healthy Pregnancies

    • Parenting

    • Early Childhood

Karen Mulvey

Manager, Vaccine Preventable Diseases

  • Immunization for Children in Schools & Licensed Child Care

  • Vaccine Administration

  • Adverse Events Following Immunizations

  • Vaccine Administration - Schools

  • Vaccine Management

  • Community Based Immunization Outreach

  • Barriers to Immunization Project

Lisa Hebden

Manager, Client and Community Support

  • Reception and PHN Response Team

  • Intake for all programs

  • Appointment bookings for all programs

  • Parenting Support

  • Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Support

  • Growth and Development

  • Vision Program

  • Community Stakeholder Outreach 

Health Protection


Program Areas

Lillianna Marinko 

Manager, Infectious Diseases

  • Infectious Diseases Prevention 

Kyley Alderson

Manager, Infection Control 

  • Infection Control

  • IPAC Hub

  • PSS Inspections 

Phil Wong

Manager, Environmental Health

  • Safe Water

  • Health Hazard Prevention and Management

  • Smoke-Free Ontario

  • Health Hazard Prevention & Management

  • Vector Borne Diseases Prevention

  • Small Drinking Water Systems

Paul Medeiros

Manager, Environmental Health

  • Food Safety including:

    • ​General food safety and foodbourne illness

    • Special events and farmers markets

    • Food trucks

    • Food recalls

    • Food handler training

  • Rabies Control

  • Recreational Camps

  • Childcare Inspections

  • Menu Labelling

Information Systems

Name/Title/Contact Program Areas

Emerson Rajaram

Chief Information Security Officer 

  • Information Technology

Julian Martalog

Manager, Health Analytics



Lise Trotz-Williams



  • Population Health Assessment

  • Effective Public Health Practice

  • Immunization Monitoring & Surveillance

Anna Vanderlaan

Manager, Health Promotion


  • Substance Use & Injury Prevention
  • Chronic Diseases Prevention & Wellbeing
  • Planning
  • Health Equity

Administrative Services


Program Areas

Rob Cunnington

Chief Financial Officer 


  • Finance/Budget Services

  • Resource Management/Procurement

  • Insurance

  • Audit

Patryk Wardach

Chief Human Resources Officer 


  • Employee Relations

  • Labour Relations

  • Health and Safety

  • Training

  • Recruitment/Selection

  • Benefits/Pensions

  • Disability/WSIB

  • Compensation/Payroll

Chuck Ferguson

Manager, Corporate Communications


  • Crisis Communication

  • Website/Social Media

  • Media

  • Public Relations

  • Client Service

  • Marketing

  • Library

Rob Richardson

Supervisor, Facilities and Safety

  • Facilities Management