Breastfeeding is the normal method of feeding infants. Your body was made to breastfeed your baby. It can take some time for you to feel confident! It’s important to practise having a deep latch so that you are comfortable and your baby is able to get lots of milk from your breasts.

Try to feed your baby when you see early feeding cues. Your baby will be more content and feed easier if she is not crying. When your baby is hungry she will:

  • Start to wake up
  • Make rapid eye movement under the eyelids
  • Lick/suck/move her mouth
  • Turn her head while opening her mouth (rooting)
  • Make smacking and grunting sounds
  • Bring hands to mouth and fists become tight
  • Cry (the last sign of hunger)

If you need help breastfeeding or need to rent a breast pump, check the below breastfeeding supports available resources in your community.

Watch these videos to help you get started:

Breastfeeding in the First Hours

Skin-to-Skin with Baby

The Latch

Having a deep latch means you and your baby will feel more comfortable and your baby will get more milk and grow well. The International Breastfeeding Centre (IBC) has videos that show deep latch and how to tell your baby is swallowing.

Breastfeeding Positions

Laid-back breastfeeding means getting comfortable with your baby and encouraging your own and your baby’s natural breastfeeding instincts. Visit Biological Nurturing for further information.


Thank you to Peel Public Health for allowing us to display their Breastfeeding Instructional Videos on our website. The videos provide helpful and evidence-based information.