Terms of Reference, Board of Health HR Committee

Mission Statement:

“Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health uses an innovative approach to deliver evidenceinformed programs and services to meet the distinctive needs of our communities.”


The purpose of the Human Resources Committee (hereto “the Committee”) is to provide recommendations to the Board of Health (hereto “the Board”) regarding all matters pertaining to human resources of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (hereto “WDGPH”) according to the By-laws of the Board.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The Committee is to provide leadership and direction by examining, reviewing and reporting to the Board on agency reports on human resource matters and programs at WDGPH.  Determine a strategic course of action for all compensation packages, pay equity, benefits, issues and processes governing the well-being of all employees at WDGPH.
  • Review and monitor the effective management of risks specific to human resources and succession.
  • Review and recommend to the Board the approval of Board policies and procedures that deal with matters of human resources.
  • Review periodically the Agency’s monitoring and compliance with workplace legislation and regulations including Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Employment Standards (ESA), Human Rights Act (HRA) and Privacy as it relates to employee records.
  • Review, as necessary, a summary of litigation including arbitration, pertaining to human resources matters.


  • Determine the strategic direction for negotiating collective agreements with unionized staff prior to the commencement of negotiations.
  • Receives, reviews and makes recommendations to the Board with respect to Collective Agreement negotiations; final ratification is subject to the approval of the Board;


It shall be the duty of the Chair of the Committee or designate:

i. To report to the Board on all matters referred to the Committee and to recommend such action as the Committee deems necessary;

ii. To ensure that that Recording Secretary forwards and/or posts minutes, as approved by the Committee, on a secure website, for access by all members of the Board of Health;

iii. To forward to the incoming Committee, for the following year, any unresolved matter(s).


The Committee will be composed of a minimum of three voting members of the Board and ex-officio members. Ex-officio members may include the Chair of the Board, Medical Officer of Health and one or more Directors of WDGPH.

Review & Update:

To be reviewed every 2 years and updated, as necessary. Chairperson: A Chair will be appointed at the inaugural meeting of the Board in accordance with the By-laws.

Recording Secretary:

The Medical Officer of Health, or designate, will ensure that appropriate confidential secretarial services are provided to this Committee.


The Committee will determine at their first meeting the number of scheduled meetings for the year. Additional meetings will take place at the call of the Chair. An agenda will be circulated, along with the minutes of the previous meeting at least 2 days prior to the meeting.

Minutes of Meetings:

Minutes of previous Human Resources Committee meetings will be circulated in advance of all Committee meetings and copies will be maintained by the office of the Medical Officer of Health and Chief Executive Officer.


As per the By-laws of the Board: “A majority of the members of a Committee constitutes a quorum for that Committee. Quorum does not include ex-officio Committee members, including the Board Chair if attending in an ex-officio capacity or Board members who have not been appointed by the Board to that Committee but who have exercised their right to attend. The Chair of the Committee is counted as a member of the Committee for purposes of determining quorum, but does not have to be present for the meeting to proceed or for quorum to be reached.”