BH.01.SEP0419.C14 - Smoke-Free Ontario Act Enforcement 2019 Mid-Year Summary

To: Board of Health
Meeting Date: September 4, 2019
Report No.: BH.01.SEP0419.C14
Prepared By: Shawn Zentner, Manager, Environmental Health
Approved By: Christopher Beveridge, Director, Health Protection
Submitted By: Dr. Nicola J. Mercer, MD, MBA, MPH, FRCPC Medical Officer of Health & CEO

Key Points

  • The Smoke-Free Ontario Act 2017 (SFOA) Enforcement Program conducts annual inspections and investigations based on risk throughout the year.
  • WDGPH staff investigate all reports of SFOA complaints.
  • Youth Access test shopping for under age sales are conducted twice per year.
  • All compliance inspections and complaint investigations reports are publicly available on the Check Before You Choose website.

Program Requirements

Compliance with OPHS and Accountability Indicators:

✓ In compliance

Program Indicators:

Smoke-Free Ontario Act Enforcement Indicator 2019 Mid-Year
Youth access inspections
# Youth Test Shopper Checks

Tobacco vendors: 191/191

E-cigarette vendors: 41/104

Tobacco vendors are inspected twice / year.
E-cigarette vendors are inspected once / year. Remainder of e-cigarette vendor inspections will occur July – December.
Youth access inspections
# non-compliant Test Shops
4/198 tobacco sales All sales resulted in warnings
Display and promotion inspections
# Inspections
39/196 Inspections paired with low risk food premises inspection once / year in the Fall
Secondary school inspections
# Secondary Schools Inspected
0/16 Inspected once / year in Fall
# of registered Tobacconist
# of registered Specialty Vape Shops
1 Tobacconist 11 Speciality Vape Stores These premises require an annual renewal.


WDGPH staff inspect all tobacco and e-cigarette specialty vape vendors and investigate all complaints regarding tobacco and e-cigarette sale and use in restricted areas. All premises are inspected throughout the year.

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