BH.01.FEB0619.R05 - 2019 One-Time Grants

To: Chair and Members of the Board of Health
Meeting Date: February 6, 2019
Report No.: BH.01.FEB0619.R05
Prepared By: Dr. Matthew Tenenbaum, Physician Consultant
Approved By: David Kingma, Director, Administrative Services
Submitted By and Signature: Dr. Nicola J. Mercer, MD, MBA, MPH, FRCPC Medical Officer of Health & CEO


It is recommended that the Board of Health:

  1. Receive this report for information.

Key Points

  • 2019 One-Time Grant Requests are submitted to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) through the Annual Service Plan and Budget Submission (ASP&BS) process.
  • The due date for this submission is March 1, 2019.
  • A total of 6 One-Time Grant Requests totaling $674,578 will be submitted for 2019.
  • One-time Grant funding approved by the MOHLTC will be 100% provincial funding (no cost-shared portion).


The following One-Time Grant Requests will be submitted to the MOHLTC as part of the ASP&BS:

Name of Grant Request

Brief Description

Amount to be Requested


Improvements to Information Security and Data Processing Capabilities

This request would fund implementation, testing and documentation for improvements to information security and data processing capabilities. This includes increased storage capacity, disaster recovery mechanisms, and a next-generation firewall. These improvements reduce the Agency’s risk and align with recommendations given in the external consultant IT Security Audit Report that was performed in the fall of 2018.



1) Effective Public Health Practice

Public Health Inspector Practicum

This funding request would support a 16-week practicum from late spring to late summer. All practicum costs will be expensed by end of September 2019. This would increase the number of public health inspector (PHI) candidates, in Ontario, who are eligible for the examination and certification phase, thereby increasing the field capacity at the local level.



1) Food Safety

2) Safe Water

3) Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control

4) Healthy Environments

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

This funding request is to support the purchase and implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system for the organization. The Agency’s current systems and infrastructure are aging and unable to deliver the organization’s evolving operational, strategic and reporting requirements in an efficient and effective manner.



1) Accountability Framework Functions:

  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Financial management

Vaccine Fridge Replacement

This funding request would allow WDGPG to replace an existing vaccine fridge that is irreparable.


1) Immunization

Online Ordering System for Publicly Funded Vaccines

This funding request supports the development and piloting of an online ordering system for publicly-funded vaccines. Presently, paper forms are time consuming and complicated for local health care providers who are servicing requests for school-based and high-risk vaccines. An online ordering system would decrease the amount of work required for internal Vaccine Management staff as well as providing improved service to our healthcare providers.


1) Immunization


  • One-Time Grant Requests are due to the MOHLTC on March 1, 2019.
  • Approval of One-Time Grant Requests is received with the provincial funding approval, usually in the fall of the year for which the funding is requested.
  • Approved One-Time Grant Requests will cover allowable expenditures related to the project for the period up to March 31, 2020.

Ontario Public Health Standard

  1. Effective Public Health Practice
  2. Food Safety
  3. Safe Water
  4. Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control
  5. Healthy Environments
  6. Accountability Framework
  7. Immunization

WDGPH Strategic Direction(s)

Health Equity: We will provide programs and services that integrate health equity principles to reduce or eliminate health differences between population groups.

✓ Organizational Capacity: We will improve our capacity to effectively deliver public health programs and services.

✓ Service Centred Approach: We are committed to providing excellent service to anyone interacting with WDG Public Health.

✓ Building Healthy Communities: We will work with communities to support the health and well-being of everyone

Health Equity

  • N/A


  • N/A


  • N/A