Personal Safety & Injury Prevention

Most accidents and injuries are both predictable and preventable. It’s important for students to learn how to be actively involved in their own safety and to care about the safety of others. By teaching safety rules and practices from the playground to the Internet, students can develop skills to recognize, assess and manage risk in several environments.

The following resources can be used by teachers in the classroom or to support school initiatives. For questions, contact our School Health Curriculum Resource Line at 1-800-265-7293 ext. 4111 or email

Community programs

Swim to Survive

School grant program for Grade 3. Teaches deep water survival skills to eliminate risk of drowning.

Recommended websites


  • ConnectED & CyberCopsOphea lesson plans on internet safety and bullying prevention for Grades 4-8.
  • PREVNetBullying prevention resources, tools, books and videos for Grades 4-8.


  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care: Information for educators and coaches on concussion safety and management. Includes videos, infographics, safety guidelines, tools, policies and information about legislation.
  • Ophea: e-Learning Module developed for school staff to increase awareness and understanding of concussion, and strategies for concussion identification and management.
  • Parachute Canada: Collection of information, videos and tools on concussion prevention and recognition for educators. Can be adapted for students.

Canadian Dermatological Association

Sun safety tips and resources. The sun protection section includes information on sunscreen and indoor tanning.

Fire Prevention Canada

Fact sheets, colouring pages and resources on fire prevention.

Food Allergy Canada

Information and resources on common allergens and anaphylaxis.

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Information and resources on bicycle, pedestrian, school bus, car, ATV, water and snowmobile safety.

Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines

Information, guidelines and tools on safety practices that teachers can use in the classroom, for athletic teams and for school events.

Parachute Canada

Information and resources on a wide range of injury topics.

Rabies Colouring Book

Colouring book and activities to teach students about rabies, wildlife safety and prevention. Includes local rabies information. Grades 2-3.

Safety with Radar the dog

Activity books about indoor and outdoor safety featuring “Radar” the dog. Developed by Health Canada. Recommended for elementary grades.


School program with tools to educate students about sun safety practices, enhance shade at school, and develop sun safety policies.

Public library resources

The following resource is available for loan from your local library. To book, please visit the online catalogue of one of our participating public libraries: (Note: Library membership required).

GlitterBug Hand Washing Kit (Kit)

Interactive germ detector activity that promotes hand hygiene. Students rub the kit’s lotion on their hands, wash them with soap and water, and then place them underneath a UV light to see how many germs remain. Can be used for Grades 1-12.

iDrive: Road Stories (DVD)

This 23 minute DVD raises awareness about the risks and consequences of unsafe, aggressive and impaired driving. Grade 8 and up.