15 outdoor activities to celebrate spring!

It’s here! It’s here! All the ice and snow has finally melted, and spring has (finally) sprung! 

We are finally able to swap winter jackets for light jackets, boots for sneakers, and shed some layers.

So, now that we’ve swapped our attire, we encourage you to swap those TV, computer and tablet screens for some good old-fashioned outdoor fun!

In honour of the fabulous weather we had and the promise of even more to come, here are 15 outdoor activities that will get you and your family moving this spring:

  1. Go for a hike
  2. Fly a kite - Check out the video below on how to make your own!
  3. Visit a farmer’s market
  4. Play soccer or softball
  5. Take a bike ride
  6. Picnic in the park
  7. Start a garden
  8. Grab some chalk and decorate your driveway
  9. Spend an afternoon at the playground
  10. Go camping
  11. Jump rope
  12. Have an outdoor scavenger hunt
  13. Try your hand at miniature golf
  14. Play Frisbee
  15. Take the dog for a walk

There are many easy and fun activities you and your children can enjoy. So let’s cut back on some recreational screen time and enjoy the outdoors! How will you Power Off and Play this spring?