3rd Trimester

Welcome to the third trimester!

You’ve hit the homestretch. You’ll meet your baby soon! Is it starting to feel more “real”?

“Real” may be excitement or nervousness – or it may be your growing baby putting pressure in places you weren’t expecting! It’s time to start tying up loose ends from earlier on, like buying a car seat or finishing your online prenatal class. It may not be the best time to renovate, even if you’re feeling that “nesting” instinct. Materials like dust, finishes and glue can all contain toxic substances that are best not inhaled during pregnancy or when children are young.

Third trimester checklist: Tying up loose ends

  • Install the car seat – it may not be as easy as it sounds. Watch this video on How to Install an Infant Rear-Facing Seat or visit the Government of Canada site to learn more. 
  • Pack a hospital bag, whether you plan to deliver at the hospital or at home. Check with your doctor, midwife or the hospital (Guelph GeneralGroves HospitalHeadwaters) to find out what to bring. Be sure to include clothes for baby that are specific to the season, but remember that bulky snowsuits and sleep sacks can interfere with the car seat harness and are not safe to use with car seats. This video shows how to dress baby for cold weather.
  • Take it easy! You may need to put your feet up – literally! – to ease the pressure and swelling that go along with your growing baby. Now may be the time to tone down your exercise routine too. Above all, listen to your body.
  • Set up baby’s safe sleeping area that includes a tight-fitting mattress and:
    • Meets Canadian safety standards for sleeping babies
    • Is in the same room as you for the first six months
    • Is free from bumper pads and loose bedding
    • Is away from cords and curtains

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