Fourth local bat since June tests positive for rabies

August 12, 2019

An individual was bitten by a bat in her home. Despite acting normally and having no rabies symptoms, the bat tested positive for rabies.

This is the fourth bat in the Wellington/Dufferin/Guelph area that has tested positive for rabies since June 20, 2019.

What should you do if you find a bat in your home?

  • If you have been in contact with the bat (including being bitten or scratched), go to the hospital emergency room or your family doctor right away. Rabid bats might not show signs of rabies.
  • Do not touch the bat.
  • Call your local animal control service or the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative at 1-866-673-4781.
  • Read more about bat-proofing from the CDC.

Rabid bat - bats with rabies might not show symptoms