Healthy ways to get ready for spring, even when the weather isn't cooperating

March 14, 2017

March is one of those weird, very Canadian months when you’re just as likely to have a snowstorm as you are to have the few first days of patio weather. Whether you’re skiing or sunning this March break, entertaining kids or sitting at your office desk, there are some adult-specific activities you may want to check off your list so you’re ready for the warm weather - whenever it decides to arrive.

  • Order that sunscreen and bug spray before you need it. Choose SPF 30 or higher for sunscreen and bug spray with 30% DEET or 20% Icaridin for kids. While you’re at it, measure the kiddos for the next size up insect-repellant clothing like lightweight light-coloured pants and shirts. Do they have hats and UV-protective clothing for school and summer camp?

Three school age kids in a forest

  • Even if it’s too cold to open the windows, you can still get your house feeling fresh by giving it a healthy spring-clean. There are ways to go green when you clean and bust that dust without adversely affecting the air quality – simple ideas like using a wet mop once a week and avoiding air fresheners. If you did a radon test over the winter, send it in for analysis once the testing period is over.

Hand writing Spring Cleaning with black marker on window

  • Take the time to recover fully from the daylight savings time change – a good night’s sleep is worth it for the whole family (and don’t forget to change those smoke alarm batteries).

Man changing smoke alarm batteries

4 multi-cultural kids standing in a community garden

  • Get your well water tested. Spring is the most important time to test, so cross it off your list now. 
  • Give your barbeque a tune-up if it’s been sitting over the winter. If the weather isn’t quite up to snuff yet, dust off your healthy barbeque recipes and pull out the ones you can’t wait to try.
  • If you enjoy it a bit of pampering, go ahead and get those legs and feet ready for their spring debut. If you’re headed to the spa, be sure to visit Check Before You Choose for inspection results, and keep an eye out to make sure your service providers are following infection control practices

Toes and fingers with french manicure

How do you get ready for spring?

Jill Davies
Communications Specialist