Who’s coming to Thanksgiving dinner?

October 7, 2020

October 7, 2020 – Thanksgiving is almost here. It’s an important time for togetherness and checking in on loved ones. If you choose to gather this weekend, here’s how to make sense of celebrating safely by not inviting COVID-19 to your Thanksgiving dinner:

  1. Are you in your home? Limit your gathering to those you live with.
  2. Are you gathering in your backyard, in a park, or on a patio? Limit close and physical contact to those you live with and maintain physical distancing, hand hygiene, and face masking with everyone else. The Provincial Government has set a limit of 25 people for outside gatherings, but Public Health strongly encourages people to keep gatherings as small as possible.
  3. Are you eating at a restaurant? Eat inside with those you live with and choose the patio if eating with people outside your household. Request a large table or more than one table to maintain physical distancing between guests from different households.

“Like many in our region, Thanksgiving is an important time for my family,” said Dr. Nicola Mercer, Medical Officer of Health. “This year, as we think about Thanksgiving, we need to get creative to ensure we celebrate safely. Keeping activities in the home limited to only members of the household is the safest way to avoid inviting COVID for Thanksgiving dinner. If there are other important people in your life who you want to see but don’t live with, please take advantage of the weather and meet outside or meet virtually to help reduce the spread of the virus and keep our friends and loved ones safe.”

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