Stay Home for the Holidays - WDG Public Health Holiday Guidance

December 14, 2020

At this time of year families and friends usually gather to celebrate. But in 2020, just like the other holidays, we need to find different ways to enjoy the season while protecting each other and keeping our communities safe and healthy.

Here are some ideas to help everyone have a safe holiday season:

Meals and other indoor gatherings

  • Being in an indoor space with people without masks or distancing makes meals and indoor gatherings between households one of the highest risk activities you can do during the holidays. Enjoy meals and social time inside only with the people you live with or one other household if you live alone. To enjoy a meal differently with those you do not live with have a virtual meal together (homemade or take out) or do a potluck drop-off where each household drops something off for another household to enjoy.


  • Travelling between cities and towns is not recommended. If you do need to travel for business or essential reasons please follow the measures to help protect yourself and avoid spreading the virus between communities. When making trips in your community and are using transportation, ride share, cab or private carpool, wear a mask for the entire trip. 
  • If you’re a student who studies away from home and are returning to a family home, limit your contacts as soon as possible before you travel. This means no parties or end of exam parties.

Seeing loved ones

  • We can still see and hear our loved ones in safe ways this holiday season. Set up online get-togethers, talk on the phone and keep in touch by sending photos, videos and texts throughout your holiday celebration. When exchanging gifts, send or drop them off ahead of time and open together virtually. If you do see loved ones, keep visits outdoors with distancing and masks (bonus it will keep your face warm!)


  • There are many alternative shopping options available. Take advantage of phone-in orders, curbside pickup, contactless pickup, online orders and order drop-offs. If you need to go to a store in-person, choose to shop at less busy times. Support local businesses as much as possible this holiday season.

Winter activities

  • Use this time to enjoy the outdoors. Going for walks or participating in another winter activities is a fun way to make new traditions and get some fresh air and exercise. Just remember to maintain physical distancing from those you don’t live with and if you will be near others, wear a mask. Call or visit websites of the places you plan to visit so you know what to expect and can be prepared for the protocols that are in place.

Adjusting our holiday plans to include public health measures means we can have a safe and enjoyable season and help slow the spread of COVID-19.  

Wherever you are and whoever you are spending your holidays with, remember this has been a difficult year for everyone. As this year comes to an end, let’s support each other and show compassion and kindness as we start a brand new 2021.