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Public Health Programs and Services - What is running/on hold during COVID-19 Response.

November 2, 2020

Some WDGPH programs and services have been put on hold to support the COVID-19 response. For a full list of programs/services affected, please see the table below. As this is situation is evolving quickly, this information will be updated as needed.

Clinics and client services                                                 
Vaccinations for children and adults On hold.
Grade 7 vaccinations On hold. See the  2020-21 Grade 7 School Immunizations page for more.
Vaccinations for school attendance On hold. See our ISPA clinics page for more.
Flu shots On hold. See our Flu Clinics page for more.
Sexual health clinics On hold
Travel clinics On hold
Dental clinics  On hold
Breastfeeding clinics On hold
Let’s Talk Parenting On hold
HBHC Blended Home Visiting Limited. Visit our HBHC section for more information.
Naloxone and harm reductions supplies Running.
Wee Talk speech and language services No longer offered. See the Wee Talk page for more information.
Tick submissions In-person tick drop-offs are on hold. See our Ticks and Lyme page for how to get your tick identified.
New business food safety consultations On hold.
Well water testing Running.


Online prenatal and new parent program Running
Pregnancy to parenting On hold
Feelings after birth On hold
Come understand parenting On hold
Food safety courses and exams On hold

Last updated: March 30, 2021