I am the public in Public Health

I am the public in Public Health

September 18, 2017

This fall, Public Health is putting a personal face to the work we do by profiling the stories of four clients with a series of I am the public in Public Health videos.

Watch Mark, Xel, Sara, and Jennifer tell their stories in the videos below to learn more about the important work of Public Health.




Mark is a body piercer who works closely with Public Health to make sure his clients are safe and protected from the risk of bloodborne infections. He posts his shop’s inspection reports for clients to see.




Xel is a restaurant owner who is committed to safe food storage and handling practices. He has a good relationship with the public health inspectors who come to his restaurant.




Jennifer attended drop-in breastfeeding clinics after each of her sons was born. Public health nurses helped her overcome challenges to breastfeed successfully.




Sara attended a Pregnancy to Parenting program for women and teens facing challenges. The program increased her confidence as a mom.

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