Emergency Response Plan

This is version 7 of the Emergency Response Plan, revised August 2017.

Table of Contents


A. IMS Response Toolkit

  1. IMS Activation Scenarios
  2. Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Details
  3. Job Action Checklists
  4. Incident Action Plan Template (IAP)
  5. IMS Organizational Chart Template
  6. IMS Recovery Phase – Demobilization Checklist
  7. Debriefing Protocol
  8. Debriefing Input Form
  9. After Action Report Template
  10. Activity Log (IMS 214)

B. Hazards Identification, Assessment and Emergency Codes

  1. Hazards Identification, Assessment
  2. Emergency Codes

C. Emergency Notification Process, Contact Lists, and Resources

D. Continuity of Operations Plan

E. Crisis Communications Plan

F. Outbreak Management Plan

G. Mass Vaccination Plan

H. Amendment, Approval and Distribution Log

I. Training & Exercise Log