Special Event Personal Services Vendor Application Form

This form is for Personal Services Vendors. Please complete and submit this form at least 14 days prior to the event.

For International Plowing Match Personal Services Vendors, please submit by September 1, 2023.

For more information for event organizers and vendors, please refer to the Special Events page.

Event Information
Full address, including street number and name, town/city and postal code.
Vendor Information
Full address, including street number and name, town/city and postal code.
Aesthetic Services

If yes, list services to be provided:


Note: premises must provide an adequate supply of reusable items or must obtain Public Health approval for on-site cleaning and disinfection of reusable items.

Tattoo/Piercing Services
Note: if tattooing is to be performed, all items must be single use and disposable.
Water Supply

If hauled water, provide the name and phone number of the hauler:

Hygiene Practices
Cleaning and Disinfecting

Disinfectants to be used:

Name of disinfectantDrug Identification Number (DIN)/Natural Product Number (NPN)What will disinfectant be used for?Edit

Note: all dirty equipment must be stored in puncture proof containers with tight fitting lids and transported back to main business for cleaning, disinfection/sterilization. Dirty equipment must be submerged in water and detergent or enzymatic cleaner. Dirty equipment must be cleaned and disinfected/or sterilized prior to reuse.

Additional Comments (optional)

Final Statement

By submitting, I agree that I have received and read the Infection Control Checklist for Operating Personal Services at Temporary Events for vendors (opens in new tab). I understand the requirement for temporary personal service vendors at temporary events and have provided the information to all personal service workers that will be working in my booth at the event. I agree that all the information I have provided on the application form is accurate.