Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot This Year

Every fall we hear the familiar refrain to “Get your flu shot” and many of us – especially those of us who are generally young and healthy – ignore it. I was 25 when the flu sentenced me to 48 hours of feverish sweating, headache and cough, followed by a week of feeling weak and in general, rotten. It jeopardized a big project I was leading at work. Since then, I’ve been first in line (with my toddler in tow) to get my shot before the flu gets to me.

If my story can’t convince you, I’m betting at least one of these top 10 reasons to get your flu shot will resonate. So read on, then drop in to one of our free flu shot clinics, a pharmacy, or make an appointment with your doctor.

Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot

  1. You’re dirty. Admit it. How often do you wash or sanitize your hands after opening the door to a store or business? Or getting change from the cashier at Tim Hortons? When did you last disinfect your cell phone?
    Woman on bus with cell phone

  2. Everyone else is dirty too. See that guy who just blew his nose before using the debit machine? Or that woman who didn’t wipe down her weights at the gym? Their germs are now your germs. If you have kids, you already know you share a common germ pool with them and all their school friends (note to self – get the kids vaccinated too).

  3. It’s free. In some countries you have to pay for this level of protection! Support Canada. Get your flu shot.

  4. You’re employed or a student. Can you afford to take time off work? Could your colleagues cover for you (and how could you do that to them)? Students, can you miss school? How about exams? Didn’t think so.

  5. You’re charming, and that means you probably kiss babies. Babies and kids under 5 are most at risk of being hospitalized or dying because of the flu, and wee ones under 6 months can’t even get vaccinated, which means they rely on you to protect them (p.s. the flu shot is totally safe for pregnant women too.)
    Parents kissing baby

  6. Not everyone can get the flu shot. You might have friends or family members who are too young (see #5) or who are immunocompromised. Maybe they’ve been on treatment for something else and it’s knocked out their immune system. Not everyone could fight the flu as well as you could, if you got it.

  7. It’s so easy. Seriously, pick up dinner at the grocery store? Get your flu shot. Pop out for diapers? Get the flu shot. Renew a prescription? Get the flu shot. It’ll take 20 minutes or so, and we know you can easily kill that kind of time playing with snapchat filters (see #1).

  8. You’re lazy. And it is waaaay easier to get the shot now than take care of your sweaty, feverish, vomiting self later (and family or roommates, if you pass it onto them.)
    Roommates and one is sick

  9. It complements natural remedies. No reason to choose one or the other. How about a c-c-combo attack?

  10. You’re realistic. You’re not a super-being. Just because you haven’t had the flu since 1985 doesn’t mean you can’t get it this year. No matter how tough you are, the flu can knock you out.

Jill Davies
Communications Specialist