A look back our 2015 favourites

December 22, 2015

With Christmas just three days away, I know I’m starting to feel a bit of holiday stress, maybe you are too! Perhaps you dread cooking a turkey each year, or doing that last-minute holiday shopping. So, let’s just for a moment, relax, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and a browse a few of our favourite blog posts from 2015!

The work we do as it relates to animals was a definitely a theme that our readers enjoyed.

Animals are truly pillars within the family and the human-animal bonds run deep. Often, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without animals as part of our families. With that in mind, and together with the Community Veterinary Outreach program, Public Health participated in One Health clinics held for our community’s most vulnerable populations.
Girl holding cat The clinics cared for both the people and their pets with veterinary professionals tending to the health of the animal while members of our Public Health team tended to the needs of the people.

Another blog post where animals played a starring role was in the hilarious story about a day in the life of a Public Health Inspector. The real-life story featured movie set monkeys, a donkey named Pickles and a possible rabies exposure case on set.
Donkey It’s sure to make you chuckle!

Shifting in tone, to celebrate nursing, our Chief Nursing Officer Rita, shared why being a nurse changed her life. The answer to “why?” is found in an impactful and personal story, that is definitely worth the read.
Nurse providing support

Finally, with holiday festivities in full swing, who couldn’t benefit from a good night’s sleep?
Sleeping cat This year, you enjoyed a blog that might just help put you and your family to sleep. The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep was written after Dawna, our manager of child health, had the opportunity to hear Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post and self-proclaimed “sleep evangelist” speak about the importance of sleep.

Now that we’ve made you sleepy and relaxed, we’d like to wish a safe and happy holidays.

We’ll be taking a short holiday hiatus, but will be back on Tuesday, January 12.

Stay well this holiday season! See you next year!

Jenn Austin
Communications Specialist