11 ways to keep cool in the summer heat

July 6, 2016

As Canadians, we have learned to take advantage of, and appreciate the warm summer months. But, on those scorching hot summer days, too much fun in the sun can lead to heat-related health risks like heat stroke.

So, how can you and the family can keep cool outdoors? We’ve made a list of 11 ways to keep cool in the summer heat:

  1. Choose loose, light-weight, and breathable fabrics like linen or cotton over synthetics.

  2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated.Woman drinking water
    Tip: try freezing a bottle of water that can thaw into the perfect ice-cold beverage.

  3. Plan outdoor exercise for cooler times of the day like early morning or late evening. If that’s not possible consider scaling down the length or intensity of your outdoor exercise.

  4. Run through the sprinkler!Two girls running through sprinkler

  5. Keep your core temperature down by eating smaller meals and choosing cooling foods like cucumbers, salads, vegetables and fruits.Sliced Cucumber
    Love spicy foods? You might be surprised to learn that spicy foods can also help cool your body down.

  6. Embrace the shade!

  7. Take advantage of opportunities to keep cool in the community like public pools, splash pads and beaches.

  8. Umbrellas are great for more than just rain. Woman leaning on rail with umbrella
    Consider using one the next time you go for a summer stroll. It’ll help protect you from the heat and the sun’s UV rays.

  9. Have a good old-fashioned water fight with friends or family!Kids having water fight

  10. Avoid drinking sugary or caffeinated beverages.

  11. Plan breaks from the heat. If it gets too hot out, plan an indoor activity like visiting a museum, community centre or shopping mall to cool down.

Enjoy summer and stay well!

Jenn Austin
Communications Specialist