First and second dose drop-in vaccine clinics

Drop-in clinic times below are available for first or second doses for WDG residents age 12 and older, and youth who are turning 12 in 2021 (born in 2009).

Please let clinic staff know upon arrival that you are there for a drop-in dose. If for some reason we are unable to give you a dose that day, clinic staff will make you an appointment for the next available date. 

Prefer to book an appointment?

Residents can continue to book appointments for first and second doses online or over the phone.

Upcoming vaccine drop-ins: 


Drop-in locations

Dates and Times


WDG Public Health 

160 Chancellors Way, Guelph

September 16: 9:30AM – 3PM

September 17: 9:30AM – 3PM

September 18: 9:30AM3PM

September 21: 12:30PM – 6PM

September 24: 9:30AM – 3PM  

September 28: 12:30PM – 6PM

October 1: 9:30AM3PM


Stone Road Mall

*The hours and location of this clinic have changed from the Chancellors Way location 

September 25: 10AM6PM*


Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex 

550 Belsyde Ave E, Fergus 

September 16: 1:30PM – 8PM  

September 23: 4PM8PM 

September 30: 4PM8PM                             


Fergus COVID-19 Assessment Centre

235 Union St., Fergus (Former Groves Hospital site)

Appointments recommended, visit, or call 226-383-2415 to book

*Walk-ins accepted depending on availability 


Mon to Fri: 1:30PM – 4:30PM

Saturdays: 1:30 – 3:30


Alder Recreation Centre 

275 Alder St., Orangeville

September 20: 12:30PM – 6PM 

September 22: 12:30PM – 6PM

September 27:  12:30PM – 6PM

September 29: 12:30PM – 6PM

October 4: 9:30AM3PM

October 6: 12:30PM – 6PM


Arthur Arena

158 Domville St., Arthur

September 23: 1PM4PM


Erin Library

14 Boland Dr., Erin

September 21: 2PM5PM


Clifford Library

7 Brown St. North, Clifford

September 23: 5:30PM – 7:30PM


Maryborough Community Centre

15 Ball Ave., Moorefield

September 30: 5PM8PM


Drayton Public Library

106 Wellington St. S., Drayton

September 25: 11AM2PM

Mount Forest 

Mount Forest & District Sports Complex

850 Princess St., Mount Forest                                             

October 12: 9AM4PM


Palmerston & District Community Centre  

520 Cavan St., Palmerston

September 16: 1PM7PM 


Mel Lloyd Centre

167 Centre St., Shelburne

September 21: 1PM4PM


Gray’s Auction Service

5737 Highway 23, Harriston

September 18: 9AM1PM


Harriston Railway Station Assessment Centre

83 Arthur St., Harriston

Appointments recommended, visit, or call 226-383-2415 to book

*Walk-ins accepted depending on availability beginning Thursday, September 16

Thursdays: 1:30PM – 3:30PM

For more information about each clinic location visit our Clinic Locations Webpage.