Drop-in COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Who can drop-in for a COVID-19 vaccine without an appointment

Eligibility Updated: January 14, 2022

The following residents can drop-in to any of our scheduled vaccination clinics listed below for a COVID-19 vaccine, no appointment needed:

  • Children ages 5-11 for first or second dose (minimum of 21 day interval between doses, children must be at least 5 years old at the time of vaccination)
  • Youth ages 12-17 for a first or second dose
  • Adults age 18+ for first, second or booster dose
  • Health care workers (age 16+). See a full list of eligible health care workers at wdgpublichealth.ca/booster-dose.
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis adults, including non-Indigenous household members (age 16+)

If drop-in hours do not work for you, many appointments are also available. Book an appointment online, or call 1-844-780-0202.

Upon arrival for a drop-in dose

  • Let clinic staff know upon arrival that you are there for a drop-in dose and your eligibility.
  • If you have a booked appointment for a later date, please let the registration clerk know so they can cancel it.
  • If for some reason we are unable to give you a dose that day, clinic staff will make you an appointment for the next available date. 

Upcoming COVID-19 vaccine clinic drop-ins


Drop-in locations

Dates and Times



700 Woodlawn Rd W. (Across from the Toyota dealership)

NOTE: This drop-in clinic does not carry the paediatric vaccine for ages 5-11.

January 17: 12PM – 4PM

January 18: 12PM – 4PM

January 19: 12PM – 4PM


University of Guelph - Mitchell Gym

NOTE: To navigate to the P12 parking lot,
enter 99 East Ring Road into Google Maps or your navigation program.
More details: Clinic Locations or U of G COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic.

January 17: 10AM2PM

January 18: 10AM2PM

January 19: 10AM2PM

January 20: 10AM2PM

January 21: 10AM2PM

January 24: 10AM2PM

January 25: 10AM2PM

January 26: 10AM2PM

January 27: 10AM2PM

January 28: 10AM2PM


Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex 

550 Belsyde Ave E, Fergus 

January 15: 10AM – 2PM   

January 18: 1PM – 5PM      

January 20: 1PM – 5PM    

January 22: 10AM – 2PM 

January 25: 1PM5PM

January 27: 10AM2PM


Groves Memorial Assessment Centre

235 Union St. E., Fergus

This location is by appointment only, visit whcacovid.com, or call 226-383-2415 to book.


Monday to Friday: 1:30PM4PM

Saturday & Sunday: 1:30PM – 3:30PM


Alder Recreation Centre 

275 Alder St., Orangeville

January 17: 1PM – 5PM

January 19: 10AM – 2PM

January 21: 10AM – 2PM

January 24: 1PM5PM


Mel Lloyd Centre - Entrance E

167 Centre St., Shelburne

February 15: 3PM – 5PM

February 17: 3PM – 5PM


Hyland Heights Elementary School

200 Fourth Ave., Shelburne

NOTE: This drop-in clinic is for first or second paediatric doses only (ages 5-11)
January 28: 10AM2PM


Palmerston & District Community Centre

520 Cavan St., Palmerston

February 1: 11AM2PM

Mount Forest

Mount Forest & District Sports Complex

850 Princess St., Mount Forest

January 17: 11AM3PM

February 3: 1PM – 5PM


Arthur Arena

158 Domville St., Arthur

February 10: 11AM2PM


Clifford Banquet Hall

2 Main St., Clifford

January 24: 11AM3PM


Erin Community Centre/Centre 2000

14 Boland Dr., Erin

January 20: 1PM3PM


Drayton Arena

68 Main St. W., Drayton

January 18: 10:30AM – 2:30PM


Harriston Railway Station Assessment Centre

83 Arthur St., Harriston

This location is by appointment only, visit whcacovid.com, or call 226-383-2415 to book.


​Thursdays: 1:30PM – 3:30PM                                                                    

For more information about each clinic location visit our Clinic Locations page.