Drop-in COVID-19 vaccine clinics

Who can drop-in for a COVID-19 vaccine without an appointment

Eligibility Updated: January 14, 2022

The following residents can drop-in to any of our scheduled vaccination clinics listed below for a COVID-19 vaccine, no appointment needed:

  • Children ages 5-11 for first or second dose (minimum of 21 day interval between doses, children must be at least 5 years old at the time of vaccination)
  • Youth ages 12-17 for a first or second dose
  • Adults age 18+ for first, second or booster dose
  • Health care workers (age 12+) for first, second or booster dose. See a full list of eligible health care workers at wdgpublichealth.ca/booster-dose.
  • First Nations, Inuit and Métis adults, including non-Indigenous household members (age 12+) for first, second or booster dose.

If drop-in hours do not work for you, many appointments are also available. Book an appointment online, or call 1-844-780-0202.

Upon arrival for a drop-in dose

  • Let clinic staff know upon arrival that you are there for a drop-in dose and your eligibility.
  • If you have a booked appointment for a later date, please let the registration clerk know so they can cancel it.
  • If for some reason we are unable to give you a dose that day, clinic staff will make you an appointment for the next available date. 

What vaccine will I receive at my appointment?

Both mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) are available at each WDGPH clinic. Every effort will be made to provide the vaccine selected based on the supply available. Public Health recommends that individuals receive the first mRNA vaccine available to them. It is recommended that anyone younger than 30 receive Pfizer.  

Upcoming COVID-19 vaccine clinic drop-ins


Drop-in locations

Dates and Times



700 Woodlawn Rd W. (Across from the Toyota dealership)

NOTE: This drop-in clinic does not carry the paediatric vaccine for ages 5-11.

January 26: 12PM – 5PM

January 28: 12PM – 4PM

January 29: 10AM2PM

January 31: 11AM – 4PM

February 1: 11AM – 4PM

February 2: 11AM – 4PM

February 3: 11AM – 4PM

February 4: 11AM – 5PM


Stone Road Mall

435 Stone Rd W, Guelph

January 26: 11AM – 3PM

January 27: 11AM – 3PM

January 28: 11AM – 3PM

January 29:  10AM – 2PM


Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex 

550 Belsyde Ave E, Fergus 

January 27: 10AM2PM

January 29: 10AM2PM

February 5: 10AM2PM

February 12: 10AM2PM


Groves Memorial Assessment Centre

235 Union St. E., Fergus

This location is by appointment only, visit whcacovid.com, or call 226-383-2415 to book.


Monday to Friday: 1:30PM4PM

Saturday & Sunday: 1:30PM – 3:30PM


Alder Recreation Centre 

275 Alder St., Orangeville

January 26: 10AM3PM

January 31: 10AM – 2PM

February 4: 10AM – 2PM

East Garafraxa

East Garafraxa Public School 

063066 Dufferin County Rd 3, East Garafraxa

January 28: 11AM3PM


Mel Lloyd Centre - Entrance E

167 Centre St., Shelburne

February 8: 11AM – 3PM

February 15: 3PM – 5PM

February 17: 3PM – 5PM


Hyland Heights Elementary School

200 Fourth Ave., Shelburne

January 28: 10AM3PM


Primrose Elementary School

636064 Prince of Wales Rd, Mulmur

January 27:  4:30PM – 7:30PM


Maryborough Public School

73 McGivern St, Moorefield

January 27:  4PM7PM


Palmerston & District Community Centre

520 Cavan St., Palmerston

February 1: 11AM2PM

Mount Forest

Mount Forest & District Sports Complex

850 Princess St., Mount Forest

February 3: 1PM – 5PM


Arthur Arena

158 Domville St., Arthur

February 10: 11AM2PM


Erin Community Centre/Centre 2000

14 Boland Dr., Erin

February 22: 11AM – 3PM


Drayton Arena

68 Main St. W., Drayton

February 16: 11AM – 3PM


Harriston Railway Station Assessment Centre

83 Arthur St., Harriston

This location is by appointment only, visit whcacovid.com, or call 226-383-2415 to book.


​Thursdays: 1:30PM – 3:30PM                                                                    

For more information about each clinic location visit our Clinic Locations page.