CA.45.02.513 Electronic Participation at BOH Meetings (2018-09-24)


CATEGORY: Board of Health
SUBJECT: Electronic Participation at Board of Health Meetings
NUMBER: CA.45.02.513
EFFECTIVE: October 3, 2018
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Attendance for Electronic Meetings

1. All scheduled Board of Health (BOH) meetings and BOH committee meetings, unless otherwise specified, will be accessible via electronic means. BOH members are encouraged to attend in person at the designated site and meeting room. Exceptions include:

  • Members of the BOH may participate in scheduled BOH and BOH committee meetings electronically when it is not possible or safe to attend in person, for example in the event of a minor illness or inclement weather.

2. The meeting room of a BOH or a BOH committee meeting shall be open to permit physical attendance by members of the public. It is understood that this provision does not apply where a meeting is closed to the public in accordance with the Municipal Act.

3. Members of the BOH must request participation by electronic means at least 48 hours in advance through the office of the MOH.

4. From time to time, BOH meetings or BOH committee meetings may be scheduled as face-to-face meetings, by motion of the BOH, therefore, not allowing for electronic participation.

5. Roll call for all meetings shall be taken verbally and duly recorded to ensure members of the BOH are recognized as in attendance.

6. Members of the BOH participating in an electronic meeting shall notify the Chair of their departure (either temporary or permanent) from the meeting before absenting themselves in order to be accurately reflected in the minutes of the meeting.

Procedure for Electronic Meetings

1. The BOH Chair shall ensure that declarations of conflict of interest are heard by all members of the BOH and the public in attendance and that those participating by electronic means outside the meeting room of the BOH have an opportunity to verbally declare any conflict.

2. In preparation of BOH motions, members must indicate their willingness to let their name stand as mover and seconder. Prior to the vote, the Chair will read each motion and indicate the member who has moved the motion and the member who is seconding it. The Chair will call the vote for those in favour of the motion; and those opposed to the motion. The Chair will individually confirm the position on the vote of the BOH members participating electronically. The Chair will make the decision whether the motion was carried or defeated.

3. The ruling of the Chair may be appealed by any member. When a ruling is appealed, the Chair will poll the members alphabetically by their last name to verify the decision. It should be noted this is not a recorded vote as per the procedural guidelines of BOH meetings. If subsequent rulings of the Chair are appealed during the same meeting, the Chair will poll the members beginning at the second name on the next appeal, the third name on the next appeal, etc. until all members have had the opportunity to vote first.


Face-to-face meeting – is defined as a meeting where members are required to attend in person at the designated meeting room.


Corresponding Policy: CA.45.01.513 Electronic Participation at Board of Health Meetings

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