CA.45.02.152 Appointments Provincial Representatives (2018-09-14)


CATEGORY: Board of Health
SUBJECT: Appointments, Provincial Representatives
NUMBER: CA.45.02.152
EFFECTIVE: October 3, 2018
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1. Terms for all provincial appointments to the Board of Health (BOH) for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) are tracked by the Executive Assistant to the BOH.

2. The BOH Chair will be advised by the Executive Assistant of terms that are due to end one year prior to the expiry of the appointment.

3. The BOH Chair will contact the incumbent to discuss his/her intentions.

4. If the member wishes to renew their appointment, and the BOH Chair is in agreement, the member must complete a Reappointment Information Form and provide it to the Executive Assistant for submission to the Public Appointments Secretariat (PAS), as well as to the Public Appointments Unit of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Corporate Management Branch.

5. If the member does not wish to renew their appointment, or if a vacancy is predicted, the BOH will conduct a needs assessment and determine priorities for representation.

6. The BOH Chair will advise the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) of the need to initiate a recruit and post for prospective BOH members. The PAS also posts upcoming vacancies on their website (

7. The MOH will launch a recruitment request in the WDGPH recruitment database, ensuring the development of appropriate pre-screen questions and the inclusion of the skills matrix (Appendix 1).

8. The posting will be advertised on the WDGPH webpage, through existing WDGPH social media accounts and other relevant sites to maximize the recruitment of candidates with the required skills and diversity that may exist within the BOH.

9. The MOH will review the applicants resume and pre-screen results and forward the resumes of qualified applicants to the BOH Chair for consideration and review. The BOH Chair will create a short-list of applicants to be interviewed.

10. The BOH Executive Committee will interview and rank potential applicants.

11. The preferred candidate will be advised to apply through the PAS website.

12. A letter will be sent by the BOH Chair to the local Member of Provincial Parliament, with a copy to the Public Appointments Unit of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Corporate Management Branch, identifying and noting support of the preferred applicant.


Corresponding Procedure: CA.45.01.152 Appointments, Provincial Representatives

Contact for inquiries: Chair of the Board of Health

Approved by: Chair of the Board of Health

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Board Member Skills Matrix and Inventory

On a scale of 1 – 4, with 1 = High, 2 = Moderate, 3 = Minimal, and 4 = None.

Please indicate your competency level and/or interest in the various areas identified below using the following legend:

E – Experience (work/lived experience)

T – Training (formal training and/or schooling)

I – Interest (general interest, no previous training or experience)

Subject Experience Training Interest
Board & Governance      
Business Acumen      
Equity and Diversity      
Government Relations      
Political Acumen & Advocacy      
Health Administration & Policy      
Human Resources Management      
Information Technology      
Labour Relations      
Communications & Media      
Public Health      
Quality & Performance      
Risk Management      
Strategic Planning