Status of Cases in WDG

The case data in the dashboard below is updated weekdays around 10:30 am.

Important note: Newly confirmed cases will show up initially under the WDG Region total. However, it can take up to several days to confirm a case’s home address, and only then will that positive case be assigned to a region/municipality and show up as an active case for that area. This means totals will not always add up each day - for example, total cases in WDG Region may not equal the total cases for each area added together (Wellington+Dufferin+Guelph). Keep in mind, case totals do not tell the whole story and you should assume you could get COVID-19 in any community.

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WDG Public Health continues to work closely with local hospitals, health care partners, Ontario Health, Public Health Ontario and national partners to monitor and detect cases of COVID-19.

Additional COVID-19 case data sources:

Important notes about the data:

  • In order to protect the health information of individuals, the data presented is aggregate data from the region.
  • WDG Region includes all of Wellington County, Dufferin County and the City of Guelph.
  • The number of reported cases and detailed information on each case is in a state of flux and may be received at different times. Expect that totals may not be consistent because some information will be pending each time the numbers are refreshed (ie. total confirmed cases vs. patient status case totals may not always add up to the same number).
  • Confirmed cases with unknown addresses are excluded from counts by region (Wellington, Dufferin and City of Guelph), as they are unable to be assigned to a specific area.
  • Data in the interactive status report is taken from confirmed cases reported to date in CCM. The last time data has been updated is shown below.
  • Resolved cases include cases reported as recovered in CCM, cases that are not currently listed as hospitalized in CCM, and cases that are 14 days past symptom onset (if present) or 14 days past the episode date if the case is closed.

  • The Public Health Case and Contact Management System (CCM) is an information system for the reporting and surveillance of Diseases of Public Health Significance (DOPHS) in Ontario.
  • An outbreak is defined as one or more confirmed cases of COVID-19 within a facility (long-term care home, retirement home or hospital). Outbreaks confined only to sections or wings of these facilities will be identified where applicable. The date an outbreak is declared is the date the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was identified. An outbreak is declared over 14 days after symptoms began in the most recent case and when no other cases are suspect. Confirmed cases in staff of these facilities only include those that reside in the WDG area. More information about facility outbreaks can be found on our Retirement and Long-Term Care Outbreak Bulletin.
  • The number of confirmed cases is only part of the picture. Changes in testing criteria and volume will affect the trends seen on the charts, therefore those trends may not necessarily reflect changes in the actual number of infected people in the population. You should assume you can get COVID-19 in the community.