Section 22 Orders & Letters of Instruction

Letters of Instruction Issued:

A letter of instruction has been issued requiring remote work for workers where reasonably possible. Letter of Instruction, (December 16, 2021).

A letter of instruction has been issued regarding proof of vaccination requirements for persons entering facilities used for sport and recreational activities. Letter of Instruction, (September 23, 2021).

What is a Section 22 Order?

Under Section 22 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act, a medical officer of health can issue an order to “require a person to take or to refrain from taking any action in respect of a communicable disease.”

Section 22 orders that have been publicly issued and are currently in effect are listed below.

More information about Section 22 Orders can be found in the the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

Section 22 Orders currently in effect:

Face Coverings Section 22 Class Order

The existing Section 22 Class Order on face coverings (from September 18, 2020) has been amended to include common areas of multi-unit dwellings and temporary lodgings, as well as staff-only areas of commercial establishments. Find the amended order here: Face Coverings Section 22 Class Order (Updated March 15, 2021).

Common questions about the updated order:

  • When does it apply to my workplace?
    • It applies to all indoor environments when more than one person is inside.
  • Does it apply when someone is alone in a room?
    • No.
  • Does it apply when sitting at desks, if separated by plexi or other barriers?
    • Yes.
  • Does it apply to offices that are not open to members of the public, that have more than one person inside?
    • Yes.
  • Does it apply when work stations are appropriately or distanced (i.e. 6 ft or more)?
    • Yes.
  • Does it apply when people are talking on the phone?
    • Yes.
  • When can masks be removed?
    • While eating or drinking;
    • While participating in a religious rite that involves eating or drinking or otherwise reasonably requires the removal of the mask;
    • While exercising or participating in an activity that requires physical exertion; and
    • While participating in an activity where a Face Covering may become wet.

Driver Instruction and Examination Vehicles Section 22 Class Order

A new Section 22 Class Order has been issued to owners and operators of driver instruction vehicles or driver examination vehicles to require face coverings, eye protection, and screening. Driver Instruction Section 22 Class Order (March 15, 2021).