How to get a medical exemption for COVID-19 vaccine

Individuals who have experienced serious adverse events following COVID-19 immunization and those with certain medical conditions that may affect their response to immunization may be eligible for a medical exemption to COVID-19 vaccination.

In general, there are very few situations where the risks outweigh the potential benefits to where the COVID-19 vaccine would qualify as a medical exemption. Most individuals can safely receive COVID-19 vaccines. Please see the Ontario Ministry of Health Guidance on Medical Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccination for list of reasons that may qualify for a medical exemption to COVID-19 vaccination.

As of January 10, 2022, a written medical exemption will no longer be accepted to access businesses and organizations that require proof of vaccination. You are required to show your enhanced vaccination certificate with official QR code. To obtain your QR code, the process is as follows:

How to obtain an enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code for those with medical exemption to COVID-19 vaccination

  1. Individuals who believe they are eligible for a medical exemption must contact their primary care provider who will discuss and make an assessment of your exemption.
  2. Your primary care provider will assess your eligibility. If eligible, your primary care provide will complete a Statement of Medical Exemption and they will ask you to complete a Consent Form to share your exemption assessment information with Public Health. Your primary care provider will submit both documents to Public Health. NOTE: Individuals cannot submit their own exemptions, they must be submitted by your primary care provider. Primary care providers can be an Ontario physician or registered nurse.
  3. Your exemption will be reviewed by Public Health and if/when you are determined to be eligible, your information and exemption will be entered into the provincial database (COVaxON).
  4. You will be contacted by Public Health to confirm your exemption has been processed and that your enhanced vaccine certificate with QR code is available to download from the provincial portal.
  5. Your QR code can then be used at businesses and settings requiring proof of vaccination.