January’s Theme is: Substance Use

Prevention education in elementary school can prevent substance use by giving children the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy, informed decisions.


Madd. Educational programs to prevent drug and alcohol-related automobile crashes (grades 7-8). Search “school programs” at madd.ca.


E-cigarette Resources. Powerpoint presentation, posters and factsheet for grades 7-8. Look under “Curriculum Resources” at wdgpublichealth.ca/schools.

Cannabis Information Sheet.  Search “cannabis info for educators” at smh-assist.ca.

Prescription Opioids Information Sheet for Educators. Search “opioid info for educators” at smh-assist.ca.

Media Smarts. Lesson plans on tobacco and alcohol marketing (grades 4-8). mediasmarts.ca/teacher-resources

Project ALERT. Lesson plans to prevent students from experimenting with substances and from becoming regular users. www.projectalert.com

Smoking Isn’t Cool Toolkit. Lesson plans on smoking prevention (grades K-5). peelregion.ca/health/tobacco/toolkit

Talking About….Series. Activity guides to support discussions on vaping, tobacco and cannabis (grades 7-8). Search “talking about series” at lungontario.ca.

Public Library Resources

iDrive: Road Stories DVD. Video about the risks and consequences of unsafe, aggressive and impaired driving (grade 8). Available online in English and French at www.arrivealive.org/idrive.

Looking for a class activity? Here’s an idea!

Stressful Times

In small groups, have students discuss how modern-day stressors are different from the stressors that our ancestors had to face (e.g. stress of receiving an upsetting text versus an attacking wild animal). Use this to illustrate how stress can be useful or harmful as well as the role our emotions play in the stress response.

Important January 2020 Dates

Wednesday, January 1:

  • New Year’s Day

Sunday, January 19

  • National Non-Smocking Week begins

Wednesday, January 22

  • Weedless Wednesday