Working From Home


Category: Human Resources
Subject: Working From Home
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.52.01.129
Effective Date: April 2, 2012


Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Pubic Health (WDGPH) will support occasionally working from home where it is reasonable and practical to do so, and where operational needs will not be adversely affected. Approval to work from home will be dependent upon program requirements, and prior approval from the employee’s immediate Supervisor.

Employees occasionally working from home due to inclement weather conditions should refer to the policy CA.52.01.130 Inclement Weather.

Employees working from home must adhere to WDGPH’s policies and procedures as required for this arrangement. Working from home will not be granted to employees who do not follow policy. Any employee working from home who abuses the process will return to working at the office location and may be subject to further discipline.

Considerations for working from home
  1. The nature of the work must lend itself to working at home
  • Stand alone jobs working with equipment that can be kept at the alternate work site;
  • Clearly defined tasks, and objective and timeframe;
  • Little face-to-face communication may be required; and
  • Measurable work activities.
  1. Job Responsibilities
  • The employee’s job responsibilities will not change due to working from home arrangements. Professionalism in terms of job responsibilities, work output, and service delivery will continue to follow the standards set by WDGPH.
  • The amount of time an employee is expected to work will not change due to the working from home arrangement. The employee’s work hours will be mutually agreed upon by the immediate Supervisor and the employee.
  • In the event that business conditions require the employee’s presence at a central work location function, meeting, or other event, the employee is expected to report to the central work location, even if during normally scheduled home-work hours.
  1. Equipment
  • Any hardware or software purchased by WDGPH remains the property of WDGPH, and will be returned to WDGPH.
  • Software owned by WDGPH may not be duplicated except as formally authorized by policy.
  • Employees using WDGPH software must adhere to the manufacturer’s licensing agreement.
  • Restricted access materials (such as a client’s file) may be taken out of the office as per the program policy. Employees working at alternate sites will take all precautions necessary to secure sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access.
  • WDGPH equipment located at a home may not be used for personal business or other activities.
  1. Expenses
  • Employees will be accountable for the usage of their time, picking up voicemail and email messages when working from home on WDGPH business.
  • Employees will maximize WDGPH facilities for printing, copying and long distance calls.
  • Calls that are long distance due to the location of the employee’s residence will not be reimbursed.
  • Employees will record only work related expenses that are necessary;
  • Employees will complete and submit the required expense forms to their immediate Supervisor for approval and reimbursement. 
  • Receipts will be required were applicable according to WDGPH policies for reporting work related expenses.


This policy applies to all full time and part time employees who request to work from home on an occasional basis.


Directors will:
  • Ensure the policy is followed by all management and employees; and
  • Approve where necessary requests to work from home.
Manager/Supervisor will:
  • Review request from employee;
  • Ensure employee’s request does not hinder service delivery;
  • Approve or deny request, or escalate to their Director for approval if necessary;
  • Advise employee of outcome of the request;
  • Make necessary arrangements for an employee who is approved to work from home;
  • Ensure the job responsibilities continue to be followed when working from home;
  • Ensure employee follows all WDGPH policies relating to reporting work hours, monitor and approve hours worked including compensating time, and flex time;
  • Approve expenses that may result from the employee working from home that cannot be performed at the WDGPH facilities;
  • Notify the employee if they are not following policies or there are work related issues that need to be addressed;
  • Terminate the working from home arrangement if an employee is abusing the process and notify their Director if necessary regarding appropriate action required; and
  • Ensure privacy policy is followed, proper use and return of all WDGPH equipment and materials.
Human Resources will:
  • Ensure employees hours are accurately recorded for payment;
  • Advise management and employees regarding working from home policy; and
  • Work with management to assist in addressing any abuse of working from home arrangements.
Information Technology will:
  • Maintain records of equipment in an employee’s possession when working from home; and
  • Ensure any WDGPH equipment (hardware and software) in the employee’s possession when working at home is maintained and returned.
Employees will:
  • Submit a written request to work from home and work plan where necessary prior to working from home;
  • Ensure the work plan already identifies that this arrangement will not hinder service delivery;
  • Ensure all required approvals are granted before working from home;
  • Ensure scheduled work hours are completed on a daily basis;
  • Maintain logs to record use of non-WDGPH equipment if required, e.g. home phone;
  • Ensure WDGPH equipment is used only for work related duties and not used by anyone not authorized to use WDGPH equipment;
  • Track all work related expenses, complete and submit proper forms for approval;
  • Ensure privacy policy is followed to maintain confidentiality as required;
  • Continue to maintain professionalism when performing WDGPH responsibilities; and
  • Return all WDGPH equipment used when not working from home.


Working from home – means to work at home using a telephone and a computer that may be connected to the network of the employer.


Corresponding Procedure:  N/A
CA.52.01.130 Inclement Weather
Employment Standards Act, 2000 Ontario 


Carole Desmeules