Category: Health and Safety
Subject: Visitors
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.56.01.116
Effective Date: Mar. 29, 2011


Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) is committed to the safety of its employees and the buildings in which they work.  Individuals who normally are not to be in its buildings will be defined as visitors and are required to sign in as a guest.  This will create a secure working environment and a system to evacuate individuals from WDGPH offices if required.

All WDGPH employees are required to wear their photo identification at all times.



  • Individuals who are employed by WDGPH and assigned to that office; and
  • Employees of WDGPH assigned to a different office.

2.Host Employee: 

  • An individual employee of WDGPH responsible for the presenting visitor(s).


  • Service persons:  individuals who are performing a service for monetary gains; may include contractors or subcontractors (will be required to wear their company identification);
  • Suppliers and salespersons;
  • Personal visitors and family members of employees;
  • Community members attending a meeting or other WDGPH function; and
  • Community groups, teaching sessions and meeting groups:  individuals who present to the office for this type of gathering.


  • Individuals who present to the office to receive health care services. 


1.Must enter through the main doors and sign in as a guest at the reception area.  If needed, the Receptionist will notify the host employee.

2.Will be issued a temporary visitor’s badge to be worn during their visit. 

3.The following exemptions will be permitted:

  • WDGPH employees assigned to other offices who are wearing their employment identification.  All employees must wear their employment identification at all times when performing business on behalf of WDGPH; and
  • Personal visitors including family who do not go beyond the reception area.

4.Not known to the reception area staff may be requested to provide photo identification.

5.Not known to an employee of WDGPH, not wearing a visitor badge, or a company identified badge, must be questioned regarding their business in the building.  The individual must be escorted to the reception area to sign in.  If uncooperative, assistance should be sought from a Manager to notify the appropriate authorities.


1.To ensure their guests sign the visitor’s book and wear a visitor’s badge.

2.To escort their visitor back to the reception area to sign out of the building.

3.Patient/clients are not required to sign in as visitors for confidentiality reasons.  The host employee assigned to the patient/client is responsible for that individual.   Should an evacuation of the building be required, the patient/client should be directed to the nearest exit. Should the patient/client be in the waiting area, the reception area staff will direct patients, clients and other visitors to evacuate the building.

4.Community groups, teaching sessions and meeting group attendees will be required to sign in at the reception area or at the entrance to their meeting room as decided by the host employee.  The location of the sign in sheet is to be determined by the host employee of WDGPH. Within 15 minutes of the commencement of the session, the attendance sheet should be given to the reception area staff. If these particular groups are in the building after normal business hours, the attendance sheet shall remain with the individual in control of the group.  If an evacuation is required, individuals should exit via the nearest door and complete a roll call to assess if everyone from the group is safely out of the building.


1.External doors should remain locked at all times, with the exception of the front door, which is unlocked during normal business hours. 

2.Staff must report any deficiencies in building security immediately to a Manager. 



Carole Desmeules