Stewardship of Management Operations – Communications Strategy



Category: Board of Health
Subject: Stewardship of Management Operations –  Communications Strategy
Division: N/A
Procedure Number: CA.45.02.402
Effective Date: October 5, 2016


This procedure will address the following goals/objectives in the Ontario Public Health Organizational Standards1 (OPHOS):

  • Communications Strategy.

The Board of Health (BOH) is committed to ensuring a Communications Strategy for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health is developed and that focuses on public health services, advocacy and health promotion while building a general understanding of the public health mandate. 

A comprehensive Communications Strategy will provide:

  • Guidelines for sharing information with community partners and staff;
  • A plan to ensure consistency in messaging at all levels, to all audiences, ensuring accessibility;
  • Consistency of messaging across multiple media platforms to ensure integrated communications;
  • Dissemination plans of relevant research findings for each approved research project;
  • Guidelines for use of relationships with media channels to share health information;
  • Strategies for educating community partners and the public about key public health issues; and
  • Methods for issues management and support of key spokespeople.

In the first quarter of each year the BOH will receive a summary of Communications activities including how the Communications Strategy objectives have been met throughout the previous year.



Corresponding Policy:  CA.45.01.400 Stewardship of Management Operations

1 Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport. (February 2011). Ontario Public Health Organizational Standards (Revised Catalogue No. 015523 ISBN 978-1-4435-5469-5 (PDF)). Ontario. Queen’s Printer for Ontario 2011.


Director, Administrative Services


Chair of the Board of Health