Safe Driving


Category: Health and Safety
Subject: Safe Driving 
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.56.01.115
Effective Date: Mar. 29, 2011


Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) employees are required to drive during their course of employment. This will include highway/secondary roads and off highway road systems.  Employees may need to drive in varying road and weather conditions. WDGPH is committed to responsible driving behaviour and safe driving awareness. The efforts of WDGPH and their employees will prevent vehicle accidents and reduce personal injury.

  1. All employees must have a valid driver’s license if required to drive for work related activities of WDGPH.  Evidence of such licensure will be required upon hire and annually.  Employees must forward to Human Resources proof of a valid driver’s license by January 15th of every year.  Employees must notify Human Resources if their driver’s license has been suspended.
  2. All employees who are required to drive must have access to a vehicle in safe operating condition and maintain their vehicle in safe operating order.  This will be in accordance with the safety standards of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Environment.
  3. All employees must drive according to Ontario law and Canadian law.
  4. In the event of an incident while driving for WDGPH business, follow policy CA.56.01.113 Incident Reporting.  Complete WDGPH Accident/Near Miss Report Form CA.30.01.102.  Employees must notify WDGPH and seek medical attention immediately if required.
  5. Violations of this Safe Driving policy may follow Guidelines of Administration Discipline as found in the Employee Handbook.
  6. Manipulating hand-held devices is not allowed while driving.  This includes, but is not limited, to global positioning systems (GPS), cellular/mobile telecommunications and entertainment units.
  7. All employees are expected to make appropriate decisions around driving in inclement weather.  Employees may review the Safe Winter Driving video at any time by contacting the WDGPH Librarian.
  8. Materials being transported must be appropriately placed and secured to avoid obstructing the driving view and minimize movement during emergency braking/stopping conditions.
  9. First aid kits and emergency vehicle safety kits are encouraged for employees who travel for business purposes. Employees should also be prepared for variable weather conditions they may encounter.
  10. Employees should always be aware of their personal safety. Park your vehicle in well-lit areas with good visibility. Back your vehicle into parking spaces to permit the best possible view upon departure when necessary.
  11. Prior to departure, prepare your vehicle. Remember to properly adjust mirrors, seating and personal preferences of your vehicle.  This allows for your attention to be focused on driving.  Always be alert to the task of driving.  Do not be distracted.
  12. Know the limitations of your vehicle and how to best handle it.


OSHA Section 25 (2)(a)&(h)


Carole Desmeules