Recruitment and Selection


Category: Human Resources
Subject: Recruitment and Selection
Division: Administrative Services
Policy Number: CA.52.01.109
Effective Date: October 24, 2016


Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) is committed to attracting, recruiting and hiring individuals who are the most qualified to perform the requirements of a job vacancy. The purpose of this policy is to ensure a consistent approach to the recruitment and selection of employees. All recruitment and selection activities will be carried out in an equitable, effective professional manner in compliance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA).

WDGPH acknowledges and commits that all job candidates have a right for equal treatment in the Agency’s recruitment and selection process in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code prohibited grounds of discrimination as outlined below: 

Table 1



Place of Origin


Ethnic Origin




Sexual Orientation

Gender Identity

Gender Expression


Record of Offences

Marital Status

Family Status




This policy is applicable to all employees and candidates during WDGPH’s recruitment and selection process.

Prior Job Experience

WDGPH will follow the guidelines below when considering an applicant’s prior job experience in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s best practices policy on removing the “Canadian experience” barrier while balancing the needs of the Agency.

  • Consider all relevant work and application-specific volunteer experience regardless of where it was obtained.
  • Use competency-based methods to assess an applicant’s skill and ability to do the job when appropriate. 
Recruitment and Selection Major Job Activities 

The recruitment and selection process is comprised of the following activities:

  1. Job Postings

WDGPH job vacancies will be posted when required.  Depending upon the needs of the Agency, a position may be posted externally or internally. 

The job posting will indicate if candidates are required to complete employment tests deemed necessary to determine their skill, knowledge or ability to perform the job.

Timelines for job postings/advertisements on other external locations such as job boards, newspapers, etc. may vary depending on the level of the position, the location and budget. For job vacancies for Nurses, refer to the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) Collective Agreement - Job Posting outlined in 9.05.

Candidates interested in applying for a vacancy must follow the instructions outlined in the job posting to submit their application. All external candidates are required to apply through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS); paper resumes are not accepted unless required for a substantiated accommodation request. All candidates will be evaluated in accordance with the relevant job selection criteria as outlined in the posting.

  1. Collection of Résumé, Retention and Acknowledgement

All résumés received in response to postings and/or advertising shall be stored and accessed in the ATS system. Résumés received electronically will receive an automatic acknowledgement response.

The confidentiality of applications must be respected by all those involved in the recruitment and selection process.

  1. Interview and Selection of Candidates

WDGPH is committed to ensuring that recruitment and selection activities will always be carried out in compliance with legislated requirements.

Selections for interviews will be based on the minimum job requirements. Interview questions will be phrased so that they do not favour any one candidate, and will be designed to seek evidence of how the interviewee meets the criteria and competencies of the position. All applicants for a position are to be asked the same set of questions developed specifically for that position through a structured process supported by Human Resources (HR).

Interviews are structured and each panel interviewer is provided with a list of questions and will be conducted in a professional manner. 

It is a requirement of WDGPH that interview notes be taken to help the panel make an informed decision based on the results of the interviews. These notes must relate to how candidates demonstrate their qualifications, skills, experience and abilities in relation to the job requirements.

Candidates (internal or external) for a job vacancy may be required to complete employment tests deemed necessary to determine their skill, knowledge or ability to perform the job.

Interview proceedings are confidential and interviewers are free to divulge to others the decision reached only once the successful candidate has accepted the job. Failure to maintain confidentiality until the recruitment and selection process is complete could result in an unfair advantage to other prospective candidates.

  1. Internal Transfers

Employees are encouraged to apply for internal job openings, and will have their applications considered on the basis of their qualifications to meet the requirements of the position.  

Employees applying for internal job postings should inform their immediate Manager when they apply for an open position.  Internal postings will be posted on the internal ATS job board. 

  1. References and Criminal Background Checks (as required by legislation)

The purpose of conducting references is to verify a candidate’s prior work experience and/or volunteer experience, responsibilities and behaviours. Prior to hiring any new employee (i.e. outside applicant not recently employed by the Agency), references are required. References for successful internal candidates are optional and will depend upon the program requirements and the needs of the Agency. 

For certain positions, legislation requires that WDGPH request a criminal background check.  The successful candidate must provide their criminal background check prior to receiving an unconditional offer of employment. HR will ensure all candidates are informed of this requirement prior to their interview.

  1. Offer of Employment Contracts

All offers of employment provided by the Agency will be in writing and will be signed by the Hiring Manager (or their designate).  The offer is then issued by HR after appropriate approval has been provided through the ATS employee change request (ECR) process.  


Corresponding Procedure: CA.52.02.109  Recruitment and Selection
CA.52.01.108  Job Evaluation/Job Descriptions
CA.52.01.112  Orientation – Employees, Students and Volunteers
CA.52.01.121  Employee Personnel Files
CA.58.01.100  Privacy Governance
CA.30.01.125 Job Request Process Flowchart 
Ontario Human Rights Code
Ontario Human Rights Commission “Best Practices Policy on Removing the “Canadian Experience” Barrier.
Employment Standards Act, 2000


Manager, Human Resources


Director, Administrative Services


Category: Human Resources
Subject: Recruitment and Selection
Division: Administrative Services
Procedure Number: CA.52.02.109
Effective Date: October 24, 2016


The procedure below will assist in the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) recruitment and selection process ensuring it is carried out in a fair, consistent, equitable, effective and professional manner to make certain:

  • The best candidate is appointed for a vacant position based on their skill and ability;
  • Vacancies are filled within agreed timelines and in the most cost effective manner;
  • The recruitment process does not unlawfully discriminate at any stage of the process; and
  • All recruitment and selection is standardized for legal compliance and fairness purposes.
Job Request Process

Hiring Managers are required to complete a job request form in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for all full-time, part time, contract, and temporary positions, as well as external staffing agencies (i.e. individuals not on WDGPH payroll) prior to recruitment activities commencing. 

For New Positions:  Approval from the Program Manager, Division Director and MOH/CEO is required.

For External Staffing Agencies: Approval from the Program Manager, Division Director and MOH/CEO is required. Depending on the program, financial approval may also be required.  Note that for this special type of request, only the job request approval process is followed as outlined below. 

Job Request Approval Guidelines:
  1. The Program Manager will complete a job request form indicating whether it is a new or existing position, the reason for the vacancy, and the position summary.
  2. The Division Director will review the job request form and approve; if not approved the form will be returned to the Manager for review.
  3. The MOH/CEO will review the job request form and approve; if not approved the form will be returned to the Division Director for review.
Job Posting Guidelines:
  1. In collaboration with the Program Manager, Human Resources (HR) will prepare the job posting/advertisement based on the job criteria as outlined in the job description and special instructions indicated during the approval process in the ATS.
  2. HR will work with the Manager to develop automatic pre-screening questions directly related to the job posting. 

At a minimum, pre-screen questions must include the following:

  • WDGPH provides client services including public health emergency response activities to residents in an area of 4,200 square kilometers. Based on our broad demographic area, staff are assigned to work out of local offices in Shelburne, Orangeville, Fergus, Mount Forest and Guelph. Our employees have a responsibility to travel and work at these various locations if and when required. Willingness to meet these requirements;
  • Eligibility to work in Canada;
  • Ability and willingness to comply with Agency immunization requirements; and
  • Willingness to provide references including providing written authorization for WDGPH to contact all references provided at the interview. 
  1. Vacancies will be posted for a minimum period of seven working days (excluding the day of posting).
  2. ​An email will be sent to all employees advising the position is posted.
  3. Applications will only be accepted electronically through the ATS.  The Agency will only accept paper résumés for substantiated documented accommodation requests.  
Collection and Retention of Résumés:
  1. Résumés will be electronically collected in the ATS and applicants will be sent an automatic acknowledgement response.
  2. ​Résumés will be reviewed by the Hiring Manager to identify candidates who will be contacted to collect additional information and/or to set up interviews.  The Hiring Manager will move the candidates they choose to interview to the submission (SUB) stage in the ATS which will notify HR of their selection. 
Telephone Interview and Coordination of Site Interviews
  1. Telephone interviews permit a Hiring Manager to quickly ascertain the basic skills and abilities of qualified job applicants. When appropriate, prospective candidates will be contacted by the Hiring Manager or designate for a telephone interview.  The Hiring Manager or designate will use a standardized set of questions to ensure equity, fairness and legal compliance.
  2. Once the Hiring Manager has short-listed the candidates they wish to arrange for a site interview, they will update the ATS enabling HR to set up an interview schedule.
  3. HR will contact the candidates short-listed for an interview and advise: 
  • The date, time, location and general format of the interview;
  • Travel directions and provide a map if required to the interview location;
  • To bring a list of three professional references, and if required, proof of qualifications essential to the position posted; and
  • Details of any test they will be required to take as part of the interview.
  1. If the candidate requests accommodation, HR will consult with the candidate to determine potential accommodations and documentation requirements (if any). 
Interview and Selection of Candidates:
  1. All interviews will be conducted by an interview panel, which will consist of a minimum of two individuals.  Generally speaking, this typically will involve the immediate Manager/Supervisor, and an HR representative.
  2. The Hiring Manager will provide HR with the names of the individuals on the panel (if different than the Hiring Manager and HR) and HR will contact the candidates regarding their availability.
  3. HR, in collaboration with the Manager, will develop the list of interview questions specific to the position.
  4. HR will book the interview room and set up an appointment schedule on the interview panel’s calendar.
  5. Candidates will be provided with further information relating to WDGPH and the position. The interview format is explained to the candidate, they are advised that interview notes will be taken, that they may ask for clarification of any question, and that they will have an opportunity to ask their own questions at the end of the interview. 
  6. Candidates will be permitted to make notes during the interview but they will not be permitted to document and record specific interview questions and remove them from the interview room. The reason is that this could adversely affect question integrity and the selection process. 
  7. Once all the candidates have been interviewed, the interview panel will evaluate the candidates and select the top candidate(s). The Hiring Manager will proceed to check the references
  8. HR will collect all interview files and notes from the other panel members.
Reference Check Process:
  1. The Hiring Manager or designate will conduct the references. Generally speaking, a minimum of two references should be conducted with all external applicants. Where applicants have no previous work experience, educational references or references from community agencies and volunteer organizations may be considered. Personal references shall be used only when no other alternative is available. Ideally the applicant’s former Supervisor/Manager should be contacted where appropriate; however, some organizations may only permit the HR department to provide references. Generally, a minimum of two professional references are required to be completed by the Hiring Manager.    
  2. The Hiring Director/Manager or designate will use the CA.30.01.132 Telephone Reference Check Form to acquire the following information at a minimum:
  • Length of employment;
  • Position and responsibilities;
  • Candidate’s level of expertise;
  • Competence concerning specific skills;
  • Ability to meet the time requirements of the job; and
  • If they would rehire the candidate.
  1.  Reference check(s) conducted by phone should note the following information:
  • Name of the reference;
  • Title of the reference;
  • The work relationship to the candidate, i.e. personal friend, supervisor, co-worker;
  • Date and time of call; and
  • Detailed notes on the responses.
  1. If the Hiring Manager is concerned with the feedback of the reference responses, he/she should contact HR to discuss further options.
  2. Once the Hiring Manager or designate has completed the reference checks and is satisfied with the results, the Hiring Manager will clear the reference in the ATS and initiate an Employee Change Request (ECR) to obtain approval to hire the candidate. 
Offers of Employment:
  1. If the candidate is an active employee, arrangements and tentative start dates will be determined by the existing Manager of the employee and the Hiring Manager prior to initiating the offer letter and an ECR is completed through the ATS.
  2. Upon completion of satisfactory reference checks, the Hiring Manager is required to “clear” the reference requirement in the ATS and initiate an electronic ECR in the ATS. The Division Director must approve the candidate’s ECR in the ATS before an offer can be extended.
  3. Once the ECR is approved, HR is notified and an offer letter is generated. 
  4. The offer letter is reviewed and approved by the Hiring Manager (or designate). 
  5. Upon completion of the interview, selection, reference checks and approval to hire, HR will contact the successful candidate and will provide an outline of the offer of employment letter, confirm contact information, and advise the successful candidate that a written offer of employment will be sent for the candidate’s review and consideration. Offer of employment letters and additional required documentation will be emailed to the successful candidate.
  6. The successful candidate will be advised to send a copy of the signed offer of employment confirming their acceptance of the offer prior to the first day of employment. This will become the basis of the employee personnel file.
  7. HR will inform the Hiring Manager of the acceptance and will also notify the employee health designate for immunization requirements, Communications for the new hire announcement (as appropriate), and the Division Director.
  8. All other candidates who are interviewed will be contacted by HR once a position has been accepted by the successful candidate.  Internal candidates will be notified the position has been filled in person where possible.  Internal applicants who wish to obtain additional information as to why they were not the successful applicant should reach out to the Hiring Manager.  
  9. ​If the candidate does not accept the offer, the Hiring Manager will be informed in order to determine if the next candidate on the short-list should be offered the position, or the recruitment process will need to start again. 


Medical Officer of Health (MOH) and CEO will:
  • Review and approve/decline all job requests approved by the Division Director.
Division Director
  • Review and approve/decline all program-specific job requests submitted by the Hiring Manager; and
  • Review and approve/decline the ECR submitted by the Hiring Manager prior to an offer for a successful candidate being extended. 
Hiring Manager will:
  • Understand WDGPH recruitment and selection process;
  • Identify and obtain approval for new or existing positions at the program level through the job request process;
  • Participate in the recruitment and selection process through to hire decision;
  • Prepare and submit the job request form for each position;
  • Select candidates to be interviewed and notify HR of the request to interview said candidates;
  • Complete an ECR and submit the request to their Director/Manager for the successful candidate;
  • Maintain confidentiality throughout recruitment and selection until the process is complete; and
  • Sign the offer of employment, which will be prepared by HR, for the successful candidate. 
Human Resources will:
  • Have a thorough understanding of WDGPH recruitment and selection process;
  • Maintain and provide information to management, employees, candidates, and others regarding WDGPH recruitment and selection process;
  • Ensure job request process and the appropriate approval process is completed and approved prior to posting/advertising said position;
  • Participate in the recruitment and selection process through to hire decision;
  • Prepare offer of employment letters and obtain approval;
  • Ensure all necessary documents relating to recruitment and selection process are completed; and
  • Maintain confidentiality throughout recruitment and selection until process is complete.
Finance will:
  • Review and sign that budget funding is available for a position where required.
Employees will:
  • Understand and follow WDGPH recruitment and selection process;
  • Notify immediate Manager of interest and application to a job vacancy;
  • Participate in and promote their qualifications during the interview process; and
  • Maintain confidentiality throughout recruitment and selection until process is complete.


Recruitment and Selection – The sequence of activities to find the best candidate for WDGPH based on the job competencies of skills, ability, experience and qualifications. 

Job Vacancy – A new or existing position that WDGPH intends to fill.

New Position – A position that has not previously existed within WDGPH.

Existing Position – A position which currently exists within WDGPH. This position may or may not be active in the organization; however, job analysis and job descriptions exist for the position.   

Job Posting – A notice of a new or existing job vacancy reflecting job competencies and responsibilities as outlined in the job description.

Advertising – The process of posting a job vacancy on internal and external locations which are accessible to the public, e.g. job boards, associations, websites, and newspapers.

Candidate – A candidate is the prospective person seeking or being considered for a position.

Interview – The process by which prospective candidates have an opportunity to present their qualifications to the WDGPH interview panel.

Interviewer(s) – Individual(s) participating on an interview panel who ask questions and document answers specific to the job competencies required for the position. Interviewers select the successful candidate based on an evaluation of the results of the interviews with all interviewed candidates.

Interviewee – Candidate(s) selected to participate in an interview process.

Job Description – A detailed account of responsibilities, qualifications, skills, and working conditions.


Corresponding Policy CA.52.01.109  Recruitment and Selection
CA.52.01.112 Orientation –Employees, Students and Volunteers
CA.30.01.125  Flowchart Job Request Process
CA.30.01.126  Job Request Form
CA.30.01.127  Employee Change Report
CA.30.01.132  Telephone Reference Check 


Manager, Human Resources


Director, Administrative Services