Professional Development – Board of Health Member


Category: Board of Health
Subject: Professional Development – Board of Health Member
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.45.01.508
Effective Date: October 5, 2016


The Board of Health (BOH) Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) seeks to provide opportunities for professional development through approved participation in courses and attendance at seminars, conferences and workshops.  The BOH Chair will ensure that opportunities are provided in an equitable manner.


Professional development and education assistance opportunities will support the vision, mission and core values of WDGPH by encouraging the sharing of information from these sessions with others, and by providing external and internal training where applicable. There are limited resources available within the BOH budget to support the professional development and requests will be prioritized based on the overall needs of the BOH.

All BOH members are eligible to apply for the professional development funding prior to their enrolment in a conference/workshop.

Factors in determining approval will include relevance to alignment with BOH strategy and initiatives, number of professional development programs individual BOH member has previously attended and availability of funds. 


Professional development applies to all BOH members requesting and/or required to attend seminars, conferences or workshops.


Conferences – a gathering of individuals at a formal meeting to exchange information discuss and share new information related to a specific topic. Conference formats may vary.

Seminar – a presentation on a topic covering some facet of knowledge or skill. Seminars tend to be a blend of lecture and discussion with the speaker’s goal to impart knowledge of the topic.

Workshop – a meeting with a greater degree of attendee participation, interaction, and hands-on exercises to discuss and/or perform practical work relating to a subject or activity. 


Corresponding Procedure:  CA.45.02.508 Professional Development – Board of Health Member


Chair of the Board of Health


Chair of the Board of Health 



Category: Board of Health
Subject: Professional Development – Board of Health Member
Division: N/A
Procedure Number: CA.45.02.508
Effective Date: October 5, 2016


The Board of Health (BOH) for Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) is committed to supporting BOH members in their professional development. It is also recognized that there are limited resources to support members in this endeavor. While acknowledging all development may have positive impact and advantages on both the individual and the work of the BOH and WDGPH overall, the criteria for evaluating any requests will include but is not limited to the following:

  • Is this learning essential for the BOH member to be successful in their fulfilling their key duties;
  • Is it a request by the BOH that the BOH member attend; and/or
  • Does it align with the strategic direction of WDGPH.

For purposes of this procedure, professional development programs and activities may include but are not limited to: opportunities for training provided during BOH or Committee meetings, participation in the BOH annual retreat, attendance at courses, seminars, conferences, meetings, workshops, and participation in professional associations.

Professional Development Expenses:

Reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred in the course of attending related professional development as defined will be made by WDGPH. Permission to attend such events during and/or any other related expenses eligible for reimbursement must be pre-authorized by the BOH Chair.

The following steps will be taken when submitting a request for professional development:

1. The BOH member will complete a CA.30.05.102 Request to Attend Professional Development Program – BOH Member (Request Form) prior to registering for any program where reimbursement of costs and expenses is required.

2. The BOH member will attach the program registration form indicating choice of course details/workshops etc., along with the completed Request Form, and will submit to the BOH Chair. This can be scanned and emailed to the BOH Chair to speed up the process.

3. BOH Chair pre-authorization must be acquired in order for expenses to be reimbursed.

4. The BOH Chair indicates their decision by completing the appropriate section on the Request form.

5. If approval is granted, the BOH Chair will indicate specifically what costs are approved as per policy CA.51.01.118 and procedures outlined in CA.51.02.118 Business Related Travel and Kilometrage Expense Claims.

6. If the request is not approved, the BOH Chair will provide a written explanation of the rationale for the decision and the Request Form will be returned to the BOH member.

7. If the request is approved, and based on the direction provided on the request form the BOH Chair:

  • Provides a copy to the Requestor for self-registration into the program and forwards a copy to the Recording Secretary for the BOH records; or
  • Forwards a copy of the Request Form to the Recording Secretary for the BOH who will provide a copy to Finance for payment on approved requests where required.

8. If approved and applicable, Finance will inform the BOH member when registration has been processed, i.e. paid and accepted or verbal registration confirmed.

9. When two or more Board members are attending the same program the BOH Chair will advise these members of the participation of their peers to facilitate possible travel coordination.

10. Within two weeks upon attendance, the BOH member will complete the CA.30.05.103 Professional Development Report and forward the report to the BOH Chair.

11. The BOH Chair will review the report to determine if a plan to share with the rest of the BOH is required to share information and/or resources from the session. If this sharing is recommended, the BOH Chair will coordinate with the BOH member to identify a meeting for such sharing to occur.

12. The BOH Chair will forward a copy of the Professional Development Report to the Recording Secretary of the BOH for filing.

If the BOH Chair requests an employee to attend a professional development session in order to support a BOH or Agency requirement, the BOH Chair will discuss and provide the details to the selected BOH member(s) and the member(s) will initiate the Request Form. 


BOH Chair will:

  • Promote professional development program for BOH members.

BOH Members will:

  • Apply for professional development as required;
  • Complete all necessary paperwork to attend courses, conferences, seminars and workshops; and
  • Apply for reimbursement as required for professional development.


Corresponding Policy:  CA.45.01.508 Professional Development – Board of Health Member
CA.51.02.118  Business Related Travel & Kilometrage Expense Claims (WDGPH Procedure)
CA.30.01.201  Travel and Kilometrage Expense Report (WDGPH Form)
CA.30.05.102  Request to Attend Professional Development Program – Board of Health Member
CA.30.05.103  Professional Development Report – Board of Health Member


Chair of the Board of Health 


Chair of the Board of Health