Policy and Procedure Development and Maintenance – Board of Health


Category: Board of Health
Subject: Policy and Procedure Development and Maintenance – Board of Health
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.45.01.509
Effective Date: October 5, 2016


1. Board of Health (BOH) policies and procedures will be developed, approved, posted and accessible to all Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) BOH members. Policies and procedures are  intended to:

  • Provide a systematic approach to administering BOH operations and service delivery in a consistent, fair and efficient manner;
  • Increase understanding, provide guidance and eliminate the need for personal decisions on matters related to BOH policies;
  • Establish the responsibility of BOH members as appropriate;
  • Assist in demonstrating consistency and fairness in the event of a legal complaint or investigation; and
  • Comply with the legal requirements of relevant legislation.

2. All WDGPH BOH policies and procedures will be accessible.

3. All policies, and procedures will be revised to reflect best practices, changed legislative requirements or to introduce new policy topics. Consequently, policies will be reviewed and/or revised as required or at least once every three years to ensure they are current.

4. Policies and procedures may be reviewed and discussed at BOH or Committee meetings as needed.

5. BOH members are bound by all new or revised policies and procedures immediately upon their effective date.

6. Original signed policies and procedures and inactive policies and procedures will be maintained in a centralized location within the Administrative Services Division.

Developing Policies and Procedures:

1. All policies and procedures shall be developed and formatted in a consistent manner in accordance to the standard WDGPH templates.

2. The content shall be researched and reflect best practices and legislation.

3. Content shall be clear, concise and complete to ensure it is understood by the reader.

4. All acronyms must be defined. E.g. Board of Health (BOH) shall be defined the first time used within the policy and subsequently referred to as BOH.

5. All draft policies and procedures will be reviewed by the appropriate BOH Committee, then the BOH as a whole prior to final approval and publishing.

Approval and Publishing:

1. All BOH policies and procedures must be approved and signed by the BOH Chair.

2. All approval signatures must be obtained before the policy is posted.

3. All BOH members will be advised via email when new or revised policies are posted.


This policy applies to all WDGPH employees responsible for the development and maintenance of BOH policies and procedures.


BOH Members will:

  • Provide information and feedback to senior staff regarding matters requiring development of new policies and procedures and the review of existing policies;
  • Ensure all existing policies and procedures are reviewed and/or revised as required or once in three years; and
  • Abide by all policies and procedures.

MOH/CEO and Senior Staff will:

  • Assist BOH members in the development of new policies and the review of existing policies;
  • Ensure all existing policies and procedures are reviewed and/or revised as required or once in three years. 


Policy – a statement of a principle, intent or belief establishing minimum standards and legislation with which all employees must comply. Policies should not change frequently.

Procedure – a statement of the action(s) required to ensure the policy is implemented.  Procedures may change from time to time to more accurately reflect changes in WDGPH BOH structure, as well as changes in practice and/or technology.

Scope – a statement identifying those individuals, to which the policy applies.

Responsibility – a statement identifying those positions or BOH members assigned specific responsibilities for administering certain aspects of the policy/procedure.

Definitions – defines certain terminology used within the policy/procedure.

References and Related Policies and Procedures – refers the reader to other documents or information upon which the policy is based including: corresponding policy or procedure, forms, legislative Acts, and other policies.


Corresponding Procedure:  N/A


Chair of the Board of Health


Chair of the Board of Health