Initial Assessment of Communication


Category: Preschool Speech and Language/Wee Talk
Subject: Initial Assessment of Communication
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.93.01.104
Effective Date: Sept. 1999


The Speech Language Pathologist will conduct an initial assessment of communication and overall speech and language skills based on referral data, standardized assessment measures, and professional observation.

The initial assessment report will include a review of the client’s relevant history, parent/caretaker interview, all observations and all relevant formal and informal assessment findings. Formal results and recommendations will be entered into the client’s chart following the assessment.



Andrea Roberts


Category: Preschool Speech and Language/Wee Talk
Subject: Initial Assessment of Communication
Division: N/A
Procedure Number: CA.93.02.104
Effective Date: Sept. 1999


1.  Recommendations based on the results of the assessment will be charted on the referral form.   As well, a formal Assessment Report will be generated. Information included on the Assessment Report may include any combination of, or all of the following:

  • assessment results;
  • prognosis;
  • recommendations;
  • goals of therapy (if appropriate);
  • reassessment results (if appropriate);
  • discharge summary (if appropriate);
  • home programming tailored to the specific needs of the child;
  • determination of a  period of time for the parents to implement the home program, after which the child’s progress will be re-evaluated;
  • referral of the child to the appropriate hospital/agency for further assessment and therapy services;
  • recommended various educational workshops to assist the parents/caregivers in their efforts to help their child’s speech and language development;
  • discharge of the child if the level of speech and language is found to be within normal limits;
  • referral of the family to other community services as necessary; or
  • discharge of the child if the parents/caregiver and child did not attend the assessment  appointment.

2.  Charts will be returned to the Wee Talk Program Assistant for action as appropriate. 

3.   Where children are too young for formal evaluation, careful observation will lead to bpeer comparison of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, verbal and non-verbal skills and social interactive skills. The oral mechanism will be visualized as well as possible and vocal range, resonance, volume and oral motor skills described as heard and/or observed.

4.   At the end of assessment, results will be discussed with the parent or caregiver and a plan of intervention will be established.  Written information should be shared especially if requested by the client / caregiver /parent.



Andrea Roberts