Fire Emergency


Category: Health and Safety
Subject: Fire Emergency
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.56.01.102
Effective Date: January 9, 2012


The Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) is responsible for the health and safety of employees.  All employees and visitors to the premises must respond immediately to fire and fire alarms. 

Every employee’s first responsibility is to seek safety.  Employees should immediately exit the building and go directly to the designated meeting location as identified in the Fire Safety Plan.  Employees should remain at the meeting location until advised they may leave. Employees should not attempt to put out a fire or use a fire extinguisher unless already trained. 

A Fire Safety Plan exists for each office that has been reviewed and approved by the local Fire Department for the municipality in which the office is located.  They provide the procedural framework for the fire safety program at WDGPH.  

The Joint Health and Safety Committee will review and update the Fire Safety Plans annually. 

Employees will be made aware of Fire Safety Plans for each office in order that they may safely exit any office location should a fire occur.  Training relating to fire safety will be provided to all employees.  Fire extinguisher training will be provided to employees as requested.

On an annual basis an outside contractor with expertise in fire program management will inspect the fire extinguishers and emergency exit lights to ensure they meet safety standards.

On an annual basis employees will participate in an evacuation drill.  These drills will be held in all WDGPH offices.

This policy shall be in conjunction to any another building fire policies in effect.


This policy applies to all WDGPH employees, volunteers, students and visitors.



Corresponding Procedure: CA.56.02.102 Fire Emergency
Occupational Health and Safety Act 1990



Carole Desmeules 


Category: Health and Safety
Subject: Fire Emergency
Division: N/A
Procedure Number: CA.56.02.102
Effective Date: January 9, 2012


All employees will:
  • Activate the fire alarm if required, inform the Receptionist or designate and other there is a fire;
  • Exit the building in an orderly and calm fashion via the safest and closest exit;
  • Assist any client and visitors out of the building;
  • Proceed to the area denoted “meeting location” and await further instructions;
  • Do not re-enter the building until approval has been given by the Fire Department or until the drill has been complete or until the alarm has been deemed false.
  • Notify the Manager, Operations of any fire hazards in their office;
  • Be familiar with the Fire Safety Plan of their base office.  The Fire Safety Plan will include procedures for prevention, maintenance and response.  The Fire Safety Plan will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Joint Health and Safety Committee;
  • Be familiar with how to activate the fire alarms and the location and use of fire extinguishers; and
  • Attempt to extinguish the fire only if appropriate and trained on the use of fire extinguishers.
The Receptionist, or designate will act as the Office Warden and shall:
  • Call 911;   
  • Notify all employees if possible via the overhead paging system;
  • Take the Visitor’s Log during the evacuation;
  • Advise all clients in the waiting room area(s) to evacuate via the safest and closest exit;
  • Proceed to the area of the parking lot denoted as “meeting location”;
  • Commence roll call of visitors who have signed into the building; and
  • Contact the Manager, Operations following the evacuation to advise of the incident, problems encountered, and any other information of importance. 


Corresponding Policy:  CA.56.01.102 Fire Emergency
Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1990


Carole Desmeules