Collaborative Research Projects


Category: Health Analytics
Subject: Collaborative Research Projects
Policy Number: CA.41.01.101
Effective Date: August 31, 2011


Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) is committed to research excellence and innovation. Increasingly research areas are expanding to include a wide array of topics of investigation posing challenges best met through the development of more complex models of research. To meet this challenge WDGPH encourages the formation of collaborative research partnerships.

To enhance the functionality of such partnerships, ensure coordination with the Health Analytics Team, and to minimize possible liabilities to external partners and WDGPH, it is imperative that collaborative research groups operate under a clear set of guidelines.

Collaborative research projects must be formally approved by WDGPH Directors. The approval process is outlined in the Procedure CA.41.02.101 Collaborative Research Projects.

It is expected that collaborative research partnerships will operate within the structure of WDGPH, and not as separately incorporated entities.



CA.41.02.101   Collaborative Research Projects



Andrea Roberts  



Category: Health Analytics
Subject: Collaborative Research Projects
Procedure Number: CA.41.02.101
Effective Date: August 31, 2011


Collaborative research project proposals must be reviewed by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) Directors for approval.  Prior to arranging a research partnership, employees must submit a proposal to their Manager and receive approval from the WDGPH Directors. Once approved, this document will be forwarded to the Manager of Health Analytics and Health Promotion who will maintain a record of all such partnerships.

Items to be addressed in preparing proposals:

1.   Purposes and Functions

  • Primary objectives;
  • Rationale and justification; and
  • Expected contributions to the Ontario Public Health Standards.

2.   Membership

  • Names, institutional affiliation, qualifications, and expected contribution of principal members; and
  • Alternative staff workload arrangements proposed, if applicable.

3.   Physical Requirements

  • Space requirements at WDGPH;
  • Space requirements at other organizations or locations as appropriate; and
  • Demands on IT, communications or other WDGPH services such as purchasing, accounting, human resources, payroll, and so forth.

4.   Staffing Requirements

  • Requirements for administrative, and/or technical personnel support from WDGPH; and
  • Details of all proposed support staffing arrangements. For each support staff member, please indicate:
    a) proposed employer (e.g. WDGPH vs. partner);
    b) role or duties; and
    c) source of compensation. For employees of external partners, please provide copies of agreements or draft agreements outlining the obligations of WDGPH and the partner organization, respectively, vis-à-vis such employees.

5.   Financing and Support

  • Summary of funding sources, including prospective fundraising, “in-kind” support requested from WDGPH, or external sources. In the case of financial/in-kind support from external institutions, ensure that necessary agreements between WDGPH and the external institution have been approved by the Director, Finance and Corporate Services or have been submitted for approval and attach copy of agreement or proposed agreement;
  • Estimated total budget of the research project; and
  • Proposed mechanisms for administration of funds received (including research funds).

6.   Intellectual Property and Commercialization

  • Details of proposed arrangements relating to the ownership and/or commercialization of intellectual property created through work of the partnership.



CA.41.01.101   Collaborative Research Projects


Andrea Roberts