Category: Preschool Speech and Language/Wee Talk
Subject: Attendance
Division: N/A
Policy Number: CA.93.01.102
Effective Date: April 4, 2011


Wait times for services is an ongoing issue. In order to best serve the needs of the children referred to the Wee Talk program, the following policy regarding cancellations / missed appointments has been developed. Wee Talk clients who fail to attend more than 2 appointments will be discharged from the Wee Talk system. Failing to respond to letters or phone calls within a two-week time frame will result in discharge without notice. 



Andrea Roberts     


Category: Preschool Speech and Language/Wee Talk
Subject: Attendance
Division: N/A
Procedure Number: CA.93.02.102
Effective Date: April 4, 2011


Notification of Policy to Client:

At the client orientation session, families are provided with:

  • Policy CA.93.01.102 Attendance;
  • Handout Get the most out of Wee Talk;
  • Handout Service Model;
  • Wee Talk System Policy Infectious Illness; and
  • Wee Talk System Policy Parent Responsibilities.
Documentation of Attendance:
  1. Attendances are recorded in the client’s chart and in PSL ISCIS.
  2. All appointments that have been cancelled by the client e.g. fail to attend (FTA) or call to cancel (CC), and appointments that have been cancelled by the clinician must be recorded in the chart with an explanation and details.
  3. Only FTA and CC by the client are recorded in the statistics.
  • Fail to Attend – the client does not arrive for an appointment.
  • Call to Cancel – if the client calls between the period of one week before and up to the day of the appointment.
Discharge due to Attendance:
  1. Clients will be contacted by telephone to schedule appointments.  If they are unable to be contacted by telephone, a letter will be mailed to the parents/caregiver, requesting that they contact Wee Talk for an appointment.
  2. If after 2 weeks there is no reply, a second phone call is made or a second letter sent informing that family that they must call back within two weeks or be discharged. If the family does not respond within a reasonable period of time, the file is considered inactive, and a discharge is processed.
  3. In accordance with the Ministry of Children and Youth (MCYS) policy, a family may re-activate services at any time within the child’s eligibility.
Client increases FTA and/or CC:

Following more than 2 FTA appointments the client is discharged from the Wee Talk system.



Andrea Roberts