October 5, 2016 Board of Health Meeting Agenda

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health

Guelph Office – Trillium Room
Wednesday October 5, 2016 at 4:00 p.m.


Everyone has the opportunity for health and well - being.

Mission: Wellington -Dufferin - Guelph Public Health uses an innovative approach to deliver evidence - informed programs and services to meet the distinctive needs of our communities

See our Strategic Directions.

Agenda Items
Item Presenter

1. Call to Order

►Timelines & Processes for MOH /CEO Performance Appraisal and
BOH Self-Evaluation.

2. Disclosure(s) of Pecuniary Interest (Chair)
3. Approval and/or additions to the regular Agenda (Chair)

4. Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2016 Board Meeting

4(a). MOH Update(s)


Dr. Mercer

5. Presentation(s)

  • Leading Boards Portal Demonstration.
Leading Boards

6. Business Arising

  • NONE.

7. Consent Agenda

  • NONE

8. BOH Reports


R. Sethi

9 .Committee (Verbal) Report(s)

  • Audit Committee Report from Chair – NONE.
  • Facilities Committee Report from Chair – NONE.
  • Human Resources Committee Report from Chair – NONE.
  • Finance Committee Report from Chair – Sept 15/16:

BH.04.SEP1516.R11- 2016 Second Quarter Financials; (PDF, 9 pages, 641 KB) and
BH.04.SEP1516.R12- 2017 Draft Budget.

  • Executive Committee Report from Chair –Sept15/16:

BH.09.SEP1516.R01–Governance Framework Policies & Procedures; (PDF, 24 pages, 280 KB)
►Audit Schedule for 2017; and
►Skills Matrix and BOH Appointments Discussion.




D. Lever




10. Correspondence  

11. Closed Session

  • NONE
12. Notice of Motion (Chair)
13. Adjournment  (Chair)